A Zip Line Accident At A Hillary Clinton Event / Rally?

I had more dreams and there were more details to these dreams but I did not record those dreams and I did not record these dreams quick enough, and so now I can only remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place inside a fictional house, and I was there with my brother GC.

We were in a room watching TV while GC was drinking some weak/watery lemonade, and on the TV there was a TV program about a male director with light-color skin who likes to have fun and tickle people and/or something strange like that.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that the dream took place inside what felt like a modern multi-story building, and I remember being in office-like areas of the building with some of my coworkers including an older female coworker and my female coworker JB.

I assume that The BP Library was somewhere in this building and that we were at work, but we did not seem to be in the library areas at this time but I am not sure what we were doing or what these areas were.

I remember talking to my older female coworker and JB, we never could finish a topic because JB kept jumping to new topics and not finishing any topics, and at some point we continued talking while walking across various areas trying to reach the library areas I assume.

I was curious to hear the rest of JB’s thoughts on each topic but she would never finish which started to bother me, as we reached a glass door our older female coworker opened it, and JB was saying something about maybe some food or something when she once again stopped.

I wanted to hear what JB was going to say but she either went to jump to another topic or she just stopped, it looked like she was going to faint and she seemed to be dizzy and she was stumbling or looking wobbly, and I asked her if she was okay; but I can not remember her response.

JB seemed to have recovered and walked through the glass door, to the left of it was a small round table where a girl with light-color skin with long yellow hair was sitting at, and as I was waiting for JB to finish the previous topic and/or waiting for her response to me asking about what just happened there with her looking like she was going to faint JB sat at the table with the girl.

I stood there waiting for a chance to say something to JB, she was focused on the girl now and she started talking to her like she knew the girl, they both acted like I was not there.

I stood there looking stupid for a moment still hoping for JB to finish a topic and to make sure that she was okay, I possibly started to say something and probably did, but JB’s back was facing me as she looked at and talked to the girl so she did not seem to hear me or notice me still.

This bothered me (I really was curious about JB’s thoughts on each topic, I was worried about her health, and I felt a bit ignored/rejected/left out/et cetera) but I decided to stop standing there looking stupid, and then I decided to just continue walking since JB did not seem interested in finishing talking about any topic and like she was done talking to me and/or she just kept getting easily distracted by other things; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream seemed to involve a documentary about a fictional accident that took place during the day outside at either an old Hillary Clinton political campaign rally (maybe her first presidential campaign or her senate campaign or something) or just an event that Hillary Clinton happened to be the main guest/whatever at.

There was a college age man with light-color skin with short black hair who seemed to be the wild party and have fun frat boy type, he was a college student and he was possibly drunk or something at the time, and he approached the outdoor rally/event that Mrs. Clinton and her United States Secret Service agents were at.

He approached from an upper area that was behind and above the crowd, Mrs. Clinton and the Secret Service agents were on the stage, and at the top of this area was some kind of vehicle that could fly that was attached to a zip line for safety reasons I assume.

The pilot was a man with light-color skin and there were several other people inside, it was not completely enclosed and it was more like special zip line cart or whatever that could be flown if necessary, and they were going to zip line to the stage.

As they started to move the wild and probably drunk man ran and jumped on the back of the cart/vehicle/aircraft as it started to zip line down, he was hanging on the back making a lot of noise like this was fun, but he was close to falling off.

The pilot tried to get control of the situation, the Secret Service agents got Mrs. Clinton off the stage, and the pilot was forced to disconnect from the zip line and he started trying to fly the cart to the parking lot on the right side of the event to make an emergency landing before the man could fall.

The pilot was trying to save the man’s life because he was about to fall off, because of the circumstances the pilot was not able to fly like normal, and he had to make a quick decision to bump into a large concrete or rock ball-like thing that was hanging in the air.

Unfortunately the man died from this impact, the cart landed in the parking lot and the pilot lived, but I am not sure if anyone else died or not.

I just know that one or more people’s organs were on the pavement of the parking lot from the impact and/or from falling off.

Some of this was real footage from the event but some was possibly a reenactment but I am not sure, and then there were short interviews with the people who were there back then like the pilot; and they interviewed some friends, family, classmates, et cetera of the man who had died.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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