She / I Was Almost Killed By A Falling Building

Jean Smart in Watchmen (2019)
Source: IMDb

I fell asleep on the living room couch again, this time by accident, I had a variety of dreams but I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams so I will type them as one dream.

This dream was partly inspired by Episode 3 (She Was Killed By Space Junk) of the television show Watchmen (Season 1).

Part of the dream possibly involved a Laurie Blake/Laurie Juspeczyk-like woman with maybe superpowers or maybe without superpowers who used to be a superhero, she was probably in a bad mood and was possibly complaining and saying various quotes et cetera, but I can not remember.

Part of the dream possibly took place at a hotel, I remember trying to find a bathroom, and when I found one there were various people in there including a woman with light-color skin and her young son who also had light-color skin.

I remember trying to find somewhere to use the bathroom with maybe some privacy, but I am not sure.

The next thing that I remember is being in another part of the hotel with my family trying to catch maybe the hotel breakfast buffet, I remember us finding the buffet in the middle of a hallway, and the seating areas were on both sides of this hallway behind it.

When we went to the end of the buffet bar we briefly got distracted by a group of people with dark-color skin who seemed to be there for a family reunion, an obese woman among them asked me/the person she was talking to a question, and so I turned around toward her.

The person she was talking to started to try to answer it, my mom then told me that I could turn back around and continue doing what I was doing but I did not want to be rude, and when I did turn around the hotel staff had already taken up the rest of the buffet because it was closed now so we did not get any food.

The last part of the dream took place during the day in a somewhat fictional version of the city of D, and I was driving toward The BB Grocery Store on Eastside but there was a situation going on involving the police.

In the street near the entrance of the shopping center that the Dollar General is on Eastside I saw a man with dark-color skin on his knees behind his car holding a drill and maybe his back was to the police, and a male police officer with light-color skin was standing and pointing a pistol at him while yelling commands as more police arrived around the area.

The police response was unnecessarily large, they even had SWAT arriving, and they were starting to block off the area so I parked my automobile maybe in the parking lot to the right side of The BB Grocery Store parking lot.

The BB Grocery Store parking lot had some fictional multi-story buildings in it, as I was passing by he man with the drill looked at me with a facial expression that I interpreted to mean that he also thought that the police response was ridiculous, and that they could have arrested him already.

There were other people around the area watching and moving back as the police blocked off traffic and started surrounding the man from various areas, but then a man with light-color skin standing on the roof of a building in the parking lot that I parked in started to give a speech directed at the chief of police who was a man with light-color skin who was standing near me in the parking lot of The BB Grocery Store and everyone else.

The man on the roof seemed to be part of a white supremacist terrorist organization like the Seventh Kavalry, and he seemed to be the real threat; and I sensed danger and that a larger attack was about to happen.

The police still had their main focus on the man with the drill, who was still on his knees, and they looked a bit confused as the real threat became more clear but they still seemed to slow to respond and switch their attention to the real threat.

I started to back away sensing that I needed to leave, I was blocked in, and so I would have to cross The BB Grocery Store parking lot past the multi-story buildings.

I feared that the man on the roof probably had bombs set in one or more of those buildings, and as I was trying to cross the parking lot I heard one or more explosions that the man on the roof probably detonated with a detonator I assumed.

I had to predict where the first building would fall, fortunately I guessed correctly, and I avoided it falling on me; but then I needed to predict which building would fall next and where, and this time it was too big for me to dodge so I had to run under it hoping to find a spot where I would not get crushed when it fell.

Something strange and unclear happened where either a woman replaced my character or she became the main character or I became her or we got fused together or I was somehow seeing things from her point-of-view or like I was temporarily not in the dream but was following it like a camera person or something else, I am not sure which, I just know that she had light-color skin and looked a bit like a combination of Bryce Dallas Howard and Kelly Reilly and maybe she used to be a superhero but I am not sure.

The woman/I felt that our chance of survival was not good, she started praying as she ran looking for the best spot to increase our chances of survival, and she prayed to the Christian God I assume.

We found a door opening to stand under as the building fell right after her prayer, and we survived the building falling; and the woman had a vision or something where she saw a coffin in the room with us, and it opened to show her in the coffin and maybe the version of her in the coffin got up.

I can not remember the details, I just remember her taking this as a sign from God that he was real and had answered her prayer, and it was an amazing moment that I also felt as she had a moment of affirmation(?)/whatever; and it seemed that she was going to return to the religion of Christianity and dedicate her life to the Christian God again et cetera.

She/we started to walk away from the collapsed building still feeling and thinking about this amazing moment.

I thought that maybe we had just gotten lucky and picked the right spot and that maybe it was not a miracle/answered prayer and that maybe what she saw was not a message from God and that maybe he is not really real, but then I started to think that maybe it would not hurt to just accept this and start believing again because even if it turns out that she/we were wrong then there would probably not be that big of a downside to believing again.

But I woke up as I thought about this with my stomach bubbling like something I ate had given me diarrhea.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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