Rooster Teeth Employees Flying With Snow Cones?

Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins (1964)
Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I were inside a multi-story hotel, we had checked out of the room that we were staying in and were going to leave, but I guess my parents decided to stay another night.

I remember maybe waking up still in the dream, we were now in a new room that was not a proper room exactly, it was a large room with a tall ceiling that was on maybe the next to highest floor before you reach the roof.

This room was dirty, rough, dangerous, incomplete, et cetera and it seemed to be something that was to be remodeled because it was falling apart with almost half the floor missing and rotten and broken so you could fall through to the next floor if you did not watch where you were walking.

Maybe they let us stay in this room for free or very cheap for an extra night, it was just a very rough half destroyed room with maybe some beds and a bathroom where the bathroom possibly had no ceiling (but the room itself had a tall ceiling) but it had walls and it was near the middle of the room closer to the entrance.

I woke up in the dream needing to use the bathroom so I went to the door but it was locked, there was another door on the other side but it was locked, and so my dad and I had to force the door open.

Besides this room being dirty and rough with rotten and falling apart and destroyed wood, I noticed insects crawling around some areas like the bathroom mostly, and I wondered how was it even legal for them to use the room or to have this area so messed up like this; and I did not want to stay here any longer than we had to.

The next thing that I remember is possibly another dream, but I am not sure so I will type it as part of this dream.

It was outside during the day and some employees from Rooster Teeth were filming a video of them each holding a snow cone in Styrofoam cups, and somehow they were able to fly around by maybe holding their snow cones in the air with one arm like Mary Poppins flying with her umbrella.

Some of the Rooster Teeth employees in this dream were in this video but not all of them:

They were flying through some quiet areas slightly outside a city and as they were approaching a small multi-story apartment building near a park and field, they were goofing around flying too close to the building, and one of the men in their group barely bumped into the air conditioner that was in the window of an upper floor apartment that belonged to a woman with light-color skin wearing a bathrobe.

The woman saw this and she started yelling at them saying that she was calling the police, and she started calling the police on her telephone so the Rooster Teeth employees landed on the ground and they talked to each other about the situation as they waited for the police to arrive.

The dream jumped to the future like this was all me seeing the video that they made, they did not film the parts when the police were there, and now it continued with them continuing to fly using their snow cones it seemed as they continued to film this video; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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