Mercy Graves | A New House &Waking Up

Source: Fandom

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved Mercy Graves from the television show Titans (Season 2).

Dream 2

This dream involved my family and I moving into a new house that was a strange house that seemed to at least be partly connected to an underground parking garage or just a normal parking garage-like place, and so there were several different ways to get inside the house.

The house also had various areas with different styles and conditions, with on middle room that was in the middle of another room that looked like an office at an automobile dealership, and the walls could open and close because the wall were garage doors.

I was there with my family checking out the house exploring the various areas, and trying to find all the entrances and exits so I could secure them and see how secure they were.

My uncle JE showed up at the front door, he was visiting the city of D, and I let him inside.

I told him about how this was our new house and I led him to my parents, I briefly talked with them, and then I listened as they showed him around while talking to him.

At some point I walked to the parking garage-like area to see how we could secure this area and how secure was it now, I was worried about this area the most, and I found an opening in the concrete that had some metal beams down it with some birds below.

There were some babies and their mother, the mother was like a penguin or something, and somehow I accidentally started to fall down there slowly which ended up with the mother bird and I meeting face-to-face with her sharp beak touching the center of my chest where my heart should be.

I did not want to hurt her or her babies, even though she could not understand me I tried to say this, but she was in defense mode and was going to try to stab me in the heart with her beak it seemed so I had to quickly move her away to my left and use my forearm to hold her down with a forearm choke(?); but I immediately woke up at the same time really doing the last move that I was do in the dream, but I was doing this to my pillow.

So as I was waking up I was moving my pillow to the left and into a forearm choke(?) position, but I stopped as soon as I woke up realizing this.

The end,

-John Jr

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