Mario Shots: Yoshi Stranding (Death Stranding Parody)

Mario Shots: Yoshi Stranding (Death Stranding parody)

What is it?

The 2019 YouTube video/short film Mario Shots: Yoshi Stranding (Death Stranding Parody) by the YouTube channel NCHProductions.

What is it about?

Here is the YouTube description for this video:

A crossover parody of the Death stranding game with Super Mario characters.

There’s some made-up lore I’ve build around while creating this parody trailer, but feel free to come up with your interpretation and the lore of Yoshi Stranding.

Animated and directed by NCH Sound mixing and editing by


MUSIC Provided by Epidemic Sound.

Software used: Adobe animate

Check out my Patreon, Facebook or twitter for updates and progress of this animation @NCHproductions

My Thoughts

This was surprisingly good, better than some movies that I have seen this year, and I liked the music and the more serious tone of this video which I will consider a short film.

They managed to combine elements of the video games Death Stranding and Super Mario in a way that worked out well.

Well done.

Death Stranding – Launch Trailer | PS4

The end,

  • John Jr

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