Flying & Rooster Teeth & Gelato / Ice Cream

Dream 1

This dream involved a family (husband and wife, and maybe they had one or more children but I am not sure), my voice recording is too unclear, but there was possibly something about time passing by and something about them needing help to avoid being considered homeless; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I remember moving back and forth from several parts of the city like my parents yard, and somehow I could fly at some point in the dream.

I remember being able to fly so good and easily that I had a lot of momentum, and I could fly from high and fly so low to the ground that I could touch it if I wanted to; and I could fly like Superman or standing up and various other ways with ease.

I remember flying over and around my parents yard and the neighborhood, and I remember flying near a somewhat fictional version of The BP Gothic Jail that was closer to the courthouse and several other buildings.

There was an old somewhat ancient building there that had a lot of water coming from the top of it in a waterfall, I had memories of this building of having explored it once, and I wanted to explore it again even though it seemed like it would be creepy and would have some threats inside of it.

I wondered where all that water was coming from and how much damage it may be causing to that building and maybe the buildings near it, but I did not fly inside.

I did fly back to my parents house, I remember being inside my parents room when I heard and saw my uncle CE and aunt DE and uncle EE and several unknown children outside in the yard talking to my parents, and somehow my uncle CE saw me through the thin curtains.

I then opened the door and I briefly talked with them, and then I left.

I flew to another building, I remember being in an office or building that Rooster Teeth owned, and some of their employees were there like Chad James.

Someone was serving gelato/ice cream with maybe various pieces of cake as a side, and so I stopped to look at this and buy some.

After I picked my I was told that it would cost maybe $40, that was way too much so I asked about this, Chad walked over and swapped places with the previous person as the server.

Chad then explained that it was free for Rooster Teeth employees who served the food at least once (maybe if you served the food at least once that day you could get some food free that day) and that the price for others was at least cheaper than the previous price that I was told, and that I had been told the wrong price and that you only get one side and not several because the previous person had told me that we could get several sides.

Chad said that is why he was serving food now because he wanted to get some free food later, and that is what some of the Rooster Teeth employees would do each day to get free food.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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