The End Of The World With Thanos Or A Thanos Level Threat?

File:Thanos Infinity 4.png
Source: Wikipedia

I will have to go back and edit these dreams later, these are my mostly unedited notes of these dreams that I made on my mobile phone when I woke up to use the bathroom.

Dream 1

Maybe some world ending dream with giant threat and someone (maybe Thanos or a Thanos level threat) possibly does a Thanos snap or Thanos snap-level attack on the planet while we are outside, I try to hide under a building but a giant threat (maybe a giant creature with tentacles and/or something that could destroy buildings) was breaking everything so we try to run vowing to fight if some survive as people and building around us are being destroyed; but I can not remember if I died or not.

Dream 2

At house of family member who my mom and my male cousin DE and maybe one of my brothers are visiting, and my female cousin ME and some other family members there.

At some point my mom accuses a Blaine Gibson/my former male classmate AM-like man of killing her son (one of my brothers, I am not sure if it was a real or fictional brother), and he leaves and they go after him.

Dream 3

In building with others at football game and a player fight almost happens with quarterback and other player, and quarterback looks like older coach with mask to try to make him look younger.

The quarterback gets hit after a play, a booby trap attack happens, and we evacuate the building; and when I exit sliding out the building SWAT/police shoots several times at me, but they miss me.

They only shot at me and maybe one person before me with dark-color skin, but I maybe have been the only person to get shot at.

I go to checkpoint and mention this to the lady checking people at the checkpoint and maybe a Puerto Rican man, and the lady does not respond but the man says they did not shoot at him.

The end,

-John Jr

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