A Giant Lurch-Like Man

Ted Cassidy in The Addams Family (1964)
Source: IMDb

In either this dream or another dream I remember hearing the song Bachelorette by Björk.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a multi-story shopping mall-like building.

I knew that there was a somewhat hidden area on an upper floor that I had false memories of having been to before, maybe I have been there before in a past dream, and it was one of those rare areas that I have in my dream worlds sometimes.

In my false memories I knew that the area was on an upper floor through a dark entrance, I felt like going to explore it, but I also felt like avoiding it because of the fear of the unknown combined with knowing/feeling that there were probably some natural and paranormal and supernatural threats there.

Places like this in dreams feel familiar and possibly connected with my childhood, almost like a place deep in my mind where some old memories are stored, and there is often a feeling of fear/danger/mystery/the unknown combined with feelings of being familiar and wanting to explore it again like I knew it from the past.

These areas probably never have windows and are usually on upper floors and deeper within buildings, other dream characters are usually not there, and I usually explore alone unless I can get some other dream characters to join me which they usually do not want to.

Anyway, in this dream I was walking across the mall and up floors trying to find this area, and along the way I met my former male classmate KA.

I tried to get KA to join me on my search for the area but he was too afraid, at some point we went our separate ways, and I went down a hallway maybe looking for a bathroom.

I found a quiet hall with doors with no door handles, some doors were labeled, and one door was a tennis room where you could play tennis; I was not sure if you could open the doors from the outside, and so I did not try to go inside any of them.

I walked to a dark hall and then I turned around and went to another one, and I went through a door that led to an upper class-looking area that had a tall ceiling and the furniture was probably a bit larger than normal which gave it a strange look and feeling that I noticed even in the dream.

I reached a waiting room, with people sitting down in it, and then I went to leave this strange room.

I reached another hall but as I was walking I heard very heavy footsteps, and then I saw a giant Lurch-like man with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair wearing a suit leaving the room that I left.

He was the one with the heavy footsteps, I was ahead of him and I heard his pace increasing like he was starting to run after me, and so I got scared and I ran.

The people in the waiting room panicked as well, someone screamed, and I remember ducking around a corner but he walked past like he was not really chasing me; and then I was not worried, and I told the others.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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