Talking To My Coworker JB During A Competition

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a Walmart or a Walmart-like store, and I was in a competition with some other people including my female coworker JB.

During the competition there were a few times that I got to briefly see and say something to JB, I was really excited/energized at/by each chance to briefly talk with her (like someone you have not seen in a while who you really wanted to talk to), and she was the only person I knew in the competition.

Each time I only got to say a few things to her, but those brief moments of conversation felt very good and were the strongest emotions in any of my dreams last night.

The last and longest of the times that I got to talk with her involved me walking to what looked like the electronics department of the store, and JB was talking to a group of people who were also in the competition.

JB was talking about TV shows and movies from the 1990s and maybe 1980s, especially action movies, and about how over the top and sometimes corny et cetera they could be.

I immediately jumped into the conversation wanting a chance to talk to JB again, and I started talking about my thoughts on this while mentioning some movies and TV shows from those time periods.

During this there was something that JB said that almost led to her getting disqualified from the competition, the judges/referees/whoever thought that she had said something to us that possibly broke the rules, I think they thought that she had given us a suggestion or something to try to sway our opinions and/or get us to do something.

But they were mistaken, she did not do that or break any rules, and she was only talking about movies and TV shows from the 1990s and maybe 1980s and her opinions.

I stood up for JB and explained this to them trying to get them not disqualify her from the competition, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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