Ne Rien Faire

Ne Rien Faire
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What is it?

The 2018 music album Ne Rien Faire by the French musician Pauline Croze.

Music Album

This song/music video (Ne Rien Faire) is part of the album but was missing from the above playlist for some unknown reason:

What is it about?

Here is how Discogs describes this music album:

Pauline Croze ‎– Ne Rien Faire
Musicast ‎– 3700187667078
CD, Album

My Thoughts

When I found out about this music album last year it was another surprise because Pauline Croze does not do a good job promoting herself and her music et cetera, and so even a fan of her music like myself usually only finds out about her new albums by accident after the fact.

Some of Pauline Croze’s songs that do not make it to albums or some of her songs that only make it to special editions of albums, I never learn about or there is no where to hear them, and I will probably never get to hear some of her song songs from those known and unknown ones.

This music album is probably her most mainstream album so far, the first song that I heard from this album was Ne Rien Faire when I saw the music video, and I was not so impressed when I first saw that music video and heard the song.

After listening to that song a few times I started to adjust and like a bit more but I put it in about the middle ranking of songs that I liked after that, but it is one of my least favorite songs on the album and is among my bottom picks from the album.

Some of my favorite songs from this album are:

Fièvre, which I often daydream performing this song live or I daydream this song being performed live on a work trip on a bus.

Tellement Bien, which I think has a smooth rhythm and feel to it, and it makes for a good daydreaming song.

Fallait Pas, which is a bit faster paced and makes for a good morning song, and for some reason I get a slight Cajun French vibe from this song.

Tu Es Partout, which is a better song and has better music video than Ne Rien Faire, and has a more sad evening or night vibe to it.

I am not sure where I rank this album out of Pauline Croze’s albums, it is less experimental than her second album, it is not as good or soulful as her first album, it is probably her most mainstream album, and maybe it is one of her most balanced albums.

The end,

-John Jr

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