Idris Elba & Emily Blunt Having An Affair? | A Complex Dream / Lucid Dream

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside an apartment, and I lived there.

The apartment had an open demo apartment that was open room, and so people could walk into this furnished apartment to see an example of what the apartment rooms looked like.

There was a woman with dark-color skin with children and a boyfriend or husband, I suspected that the boyfriend or husband was abusing the woman, but I had no proof yet.

Sometimes the woman would take her children to an outer room of the demo apartment.

I assumed that she would do this sometimes to temporarily get away from her assumed abusive boyfriend or husband, and they would probably stay until he calms down.

Idris Elba and Emily Blunt lived in this apartment building with us as well.

The two of them were having an affair, if they were married and/or dating other people in the dream, or they were just in a sexual relationship.

They would sneak into the demo apartment at night sometimes to have sex in one of the bedrooms.

In a forgotten part of the dream there was something possibly paranormal and/or supernatural that happened where I sensed a presence and I possibly saw something unusual.

One night, when I was walking around the halls after the assumed abused woman and her children left the outer demo apartment room; I saw Idris Elba and Emily Blunt sneak into the demo apartment to have sex in one of the bedrooms, as usual.

Later, when I was returning, Mr. Elba and Mrs. Blunt were getting out of bed to leave when they noticed a man leaving the demo apartment like he had been spying on them when they were having sex.

They could not see his face and I could not either because his back was facing us as they tried to get dressed quickly to follow him.

I was further away in the hallway walking by and his back was facing me as well, and he managed to escape to one of the apartments.

I think that the man had medium-color skin, but I am not sure, and then I returned to my apartment.

My brother GC was asleep, I then sensed a presence, and when I entered my bedroom I saw my bedsheets moving like an invisible entity or force was making my bed.

This scared me a bit at first, I said something to the invisible entity or force, and it stopped moving the bedsheets.

I possibly stopped being scared at this point, but I can not remember what happened.

I just know that I left, and I went outside to the parking lot.

The assumed abused woman and her family were outside with her grandmother trying to watch an old movie using a projector, and I got inside an automobile.

The grandmother walked over to me asking for some supplies, she touched me on the face oddly, and her hands stunk/stank very badly with a very distinct smell that was a bit like a nasty rotten shrimp-like smell.

I gave the grandmother some supplies including some laundry detergent, some soap, and one or more other supplies.

The stinky smell was still bothering me and I woke up still smelling it for a few seconds after waking up.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly influenced by something that I ate last night that had my stomach bubbling, food poisoning I assume, and so this was an interesting dream.

Unfortunately, most of this dream is forgotten now.

It was a very complex and layered (literally) dream that was probably at least a dream within a dream.

Where I possibly somewhat knew that I was dreaming without the dream really going lucid, or I just did not try to control anything and so the dream did not feel like a lucid dream.

This dream took place inside a mall, and I was staying at a hotel inside the mall.

This dream had layers to it where the dream seemed to be trying to accomplish several things including: showing parts of several dream characters lives with memories from their past and parts of the dream world probably representing parts of their lives and I had to slowly make sense of this and start recognizing these things.

The dream explored some symbolism and how this connects with those dream characters lives, and maybe what I could learn in reference to my life.

This dream was basically teaching me by slowly exposing me to the weirdness of the dream and the various layers and memories and feelings and experiences and location et cetera, and more.

I remember being with some other dream characters who seemed to be going through the same thing.

I remember pointing out some of the things that I was learning.

How a certain bedroom that we entered probably represented something from the life of a certain female dream character whose life was being partly explored in the dream.

Unfortunately, I can not remember most of the interesting and deep and layered stuff that happened in this possibly dream within a dream.

Possibly more layers than that / partly lucid or lucid dream that did not feel like a lucid dream, it was quite an experience, and I wish that I could remember more details.

At some point in the dream, I was in my hotel room when I noticed movement behind some concrete steps against a wall.

I moved to the steps and saw some mice, so I grabbed a wooden stick and I started killing all the mice that I could by hitting them in their heads; but some got away through a hole in the wall.

Later in the dream I went outside to the parking lot where I stopped to talk to Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas from the YouTube channel Double Toasted.

I remember asking them a question involving me trying to find a certain Android setting on my mobile phone, and Martin tried to show me where it was, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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