Amnesia At A House With Mrs. JR


All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I had some kind of injury or something.

I remember having two open scab-like wounds or bites or rashes, and I was inside maybe a slighting fictional version of my parent’s house.

My dad was checking the injuries, and he wanted to squeeze out any puss in them.

So he went to do this, squeezing them so hard that I was afraid that he made them worse.


Lupin The Third Part 5 | Is Lupin Still Burning?

What is it?

The 2018 Japanese anime (animated) television show Lupin The Third Part 5.

Toonami – Lupin The Third: Part 5 Promo (HD 1080p)

The 2018 original video animation (OVA)/memorial episode Is Lupin Still Burning? In Hell.

Toonami – Is Lupin Still Burning OVA Promo (HD 1080p)

What is it about?

Lupin The Third Part 5

This is how Wikipedia describes this anime (animated) television show:

The series is set in modern-day France and follows the thief Arsène Lupin III.

In the first story arc of the series, he infiltrates a data center to steal digital currency from “Marco Polo”, a site on the dark web, which sells illegal items such as drugs and weapons.[3]

The rest of the regular ensemble cast of Lupin the Third characters, the marksman Daisuke Jigen, the swordsman Goemon Ishikawa XIII, the con artist Fujiko Mine and Inspector Koichi Zenigata, are joined by the new character Ami Enan, a teenage hacker.

In the second arc, Lupin gains possession of a black notebook containing extremely sensitive information about high-level political figures, which makes him a target for the ruthless director of the DGES as well as for Albert d’Andrésy, a fiendishly cunning criminal and ex-partner of Lupin hiding under the façade of an honest government official.

In the third story arc, Lupin intends to steal the Bloody Teardrop, a national treasure of the south-east Asian kingdom of Padar, which is currently worn by its royal princess Dolma, who has befriended Ami.

When a revolution threatens Dolma’s life, Ami reunites with Lupin to rescue her.

The fourth and final story arc sees a last reunion between Lupin and Ami against the Shake Hands Corporation, a shady IT conglomerate whose aim is world domination via an exclusive monopoly for cyber-trafficking and internet use, and which has been pulling the strings behind the scenes of some of Lupin’s exploits in the series.

Recurring sub-themes in the series include the use of contemporary high technology (particularly the internet, facial recognition programs and surveillance drones), and the question of trust between Lupin and the rest of his gang.


Is Lupin Still Burning?

Here is how Wikipedia describes this memorial episode:

A memorial episode titled Is Lupin Still Burning? (ルパンは今も燃えているか? Lupin wa Ima mo Moeteiruka?) was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the manga.

It was directed by Jun Kawagoe, with Monkey Punch as general director and character designs by Hisao Horikoshi and Satoshi Hirayama.

Its title is a reference to the debut episode of the first anime and as such will follow its story, but will feature other enemies such as Kyosuke Mamo, Sandayu Momochi, Pycal, and Stoneman.

It was included in the first DVD/Blu-ray set of the Part 5 anime on July 25, 2018.[51]

An English dub will air on Toonami on December 14, 2019.[52]

LUPIN THE 3rd PART 5 – Ending | Seine no Kaze ni… (Adieu)