Amnesia At A House With Mrs. JR


All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I had some kind of injury or something.

I remember having two open scab-like wounds or bites or rashes, and I was inside maybe a slighting fictional version of my parent’s house.

My dad was checking the injuries, and he wanted to squeeze out any puss in them.

So he went to do this, squeezing them so hard that I was afraid that he made them worse.

I did not look, so I am not sure what damage was done, it hurt a bit though.

The next thing that I remember is there being a comparison between either my situation and/or the situation of a man and the situation of a woman.

During this comparison between our or their lives and injuries et cetera, there was also something about music and a musician and how some rock/pop/alternative/easy listening music/musicians, like maybe Sarah McLachlan et cetera from the 1990s especially 1997 had influenced them.

They mentioned how several musicians had changed during this period, including Madonna.

During this I still did not look to see how bad my injury was now, I just continued daydreaming/thinking/semi-dreaming within the dream, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.


I took two naps after work and during my second nap I had this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream, I was driving or riding in an automobile along a curvy highway with trees along both sides.

The next thing that I remember is that it was evening or night.

It was like I lost consciousness and woke up again in the dream or something, and even in the dream I was disoriented and could not remember how I got there et cetera.

I was being led into a one-story house by a young person.

I seemed to know the family who lived here, and the entrance led to a carpeted living room with a couch along the wall on the left side of the room.

To the right and to the left was the opening to the dinning room and kitchen, and to the left of the couch was the hallway that led to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

I sat on the couch as the young person who let me went down the hallway, and the mother who had light-color skin with brown hair walked out of the kitchen and asked me how I got here.

She was cooking something in the kitchen, it seemed, and she also seemed to know me and I knew her.

I told her that one of her kids let me in, but I was not sure how I had gotten here or why.

I probably told her the last thing that I remembered, she told me that it was okay for me to stay and welcomed me, and she returned to the kitchen, or she went down the hallway.

Then my supervisor Mrs. JR entered the living room, she greeted me telling me that she did not know that I was there, and I explained how I was not sure how I got here and why et cetera.

She asked me if anyone was after me, I replied that I was not sure, and so she walked down the hallway, and she returned with two guns (probably rifles).

The rifles were BB guns, and Mrs. JR handed me one to use in case someone was after me and they showed up.

She took the other BB gun down the hallway to show the children and to put up in case they need it.

I hid the BB gun she gave me under the couch, and I felt that it was nice that Mrs. JR had my back and was willing to give me shelter even if there was a chance that danger might come as a result of helping me.

I wondered why I could not remember anything before this other than traveling down a highway.

While putting the BB gun under the couch my leg slipped and hit the ground making a thumping sound, and Mrs. JR told me that the youngest children or child were trying to sleep, so I apologized.

Then Mrs. JR and the three oldest children sat on the couch with me, they were talking, and I talked a bit.

The children were talking about either a game and/or something from school involving European countries with them each having a favorite, and they were explaining what they liked about each country.

One of the children was on my right leg because there was not enough room on the couch, and I remember Mrs. JR smiling and looking at her assumed granddaughter (who had light-color skin with maybe yellow hair) as she explained how The United Kingdom was her favorite European country.

She was saying why and what they had learned about it.

Mrs. JR looked so content and happy listening to her grandchildren talk and talking with them, it was a beautiful moment.

I did not talk much because I did not want to ruin the moment and because I was still trying to make sense of my missing memories/amnesia/disorientation.

I was not sure how long I should stay here, I knew that my automobile was parked outside, but I could not remember anything else yet; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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