Queen Calanthe | JB Finds A Login Bug | An Apartment In A Garbage Dump

Jodhi May in The Witcher (2019)
Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream and part of my second dream were inspired by me watching several episodes of the TV show The Witcher (Season 1) yesterday.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that the character Queen Calanthe Fiona Riannon (The Lioness Of Cintra) from the TV show The Witcher (Season 1) was in the dream, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library in The IT Department, and my female coworker JB walked in telling me that when she went to login to her computer that it logged her in as our coworker Mr. JM with the wrong password.

I was confused by this and so I had her explain the situation to me and I asked questions, I probably had her show me this, and then I learned that it seemed that the system was automatically saving usernames and passwords at the login; and so when you click the username box it will show the usernames of everyone that logged in and if you click a name then their password will automatically be entered in the password box allowing you to log in as them as long as that username and password was correct.

This was a serious security and privacy issue and bug, I tried to explain to JB what seemed to be happening, and that I would let Mr. JM know about it immediately and I thanked her and I let her know that I would update her on what Mr. JM says.

Mr. JM was there and I went to explain and show him the situation, I told JB what he said, but I can not remember what was done about it; and I just remember JB inviting my female coworker DC and I to her party at a fictional restaurant.

We left outside during the day to this party, I remember us reaching a field with a hill possibly across the street from where The SC Hotel should be, and the character Queen Calanthe Fiona Riannon (The Lioness Of Cintra) from The Witcher showed up with maybe several of her subjects.

I remember us sliding down the hill and off a natural ramp to another field below where the restaurant was, this was fun, and Queen Calanthe really enjoyed this and maybe JB invited her and the others to join us at her party.

We entered the restaurant and were greeted by three female employees with one of them being in charge, the party was nun/Catholic/religious themed it seemed and they were wearing nun-style outfits and the main employee said a few things about this and why they picked this theme, and they led us to the room with tables et cetera where they had decorated for JB’s party.

But I woke up as we either went to our tables or waited for our costumes to be brought to us.

Dream 3

This dream had a location that changed over time during the dream without me noticing, and it involved a fictional area behind the wilderness behind my parents neighborhood.

In my dream there was a fictional area behind the forest where there was a field with a building that was a warehouse/workshop with workers welding and doing other things, at least one abandoned building, and this area was full of trash like people and/or the warehouse/workshop/whatever it was was using it as an illegal landfill/trash dump.

My family and I would drive back there to visit the abandoned building, which was in good condition, but I can not remember what we would do there but we probably wanted to use it and live there one day.

Eventually the area changed a bit to where this area was up a hill and you had to drive or walk up a road/ramp/stair-like area to reach it, and eventually the warehouse/workshop moved at the bottom of the ramp/stairs.

Eventually the warehouse/workshop seemed mostly abandoned and the building on top of the hill was now a multi-story apartment, and grass and plants had grown over most of the trash so the area looked better now and my family and I lived inside the apartment in one of the apartment rooms.

We had some new neighbors moving in not to far from our room, they were possibly from India or Pakistan, and they seemed rich and had lots of family members like they were having a party.

I remember walking outside and down the stairs near the warehouse and to the right of the stairs raised away from the warehouse was an area where I found lots of cooked chicken, an area with supplies where you could make meals from restaurant food kits, and a drink machine with Raising Cane’s lemonade and sweet tea and a few other drinks.

I told my family about it and I was going to make a meal for each of us using the meal kits, it seemed that someone was keeping this stocked with food/drink/supplies like it used to be for the warehouse, and so maybe it was still being used and only seemed mostly abandoned.

I made my brother GC a spicy chicken meal, I made a plate with some of the already cooked chicken, and I returned to the apartment to give the meal to my brother GC with plans to return to make us some lemonade and to make the rest of the meals.

I gave GC his plate and I started to eat some of the cooked chicken, but someone knocked on the door and I answered it and it was an old rough looking man with light-color skin and a rough longer beard who looked like he was on drugs and was selling drugs.

He was trying to sell something that sounded like maybe it was meth or some other kind of illegal drug, I declined, and then he walked around the hallway trying to sell to other people walking around.

I was still holding the cooked plate of chicken watching this when a man who was our new neighbor saw this as he walked by and he said that was some of the chicken for their party, I guess they had left it outside temporarily in large containers, and so I apologized and told him that I did not know and he kept walking angrily.

I decided to walk to his apartment to apologize and explain again and to give him $10, there was a woman at the entrance who was checking people to make sure that they were invited to the party before she would let them in, and a woman cut in front of me in line as the other woman was distracted and she entered the apartment without being checked.

The other woman turned and noticed this and went to confront her, the woman said that she was a family member, and they went back and forth for a moment until the man who was our new neighbor finished a mobile phone call so that he could confirm this.

After the phone call the man confirmed that the woman was a family member, and then I told the woman why I was there and she went to get the man again.

I apologized again and I explained what happened and I offered him the $10 and a handshake, but I woke up as I was doing this.

The end,

-John Jr

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