NF Dies | An African Vision | Apocalyptic Ideas | A Military Veteran Building

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I found out from someone, a man but I can not remember who, that my online female contact in Germany NF had gotten married to my former male classmate AM in the past.

I was shocked by this and he showed me some evidence that probably included video and photographs, NF looked different and very beautiful and she looked like herself combined with Monica Roccaforte with beautiful shiny brown a medium-length hair in a particular hairstyle that was more like one that Monica would wear, and this different and beautiful appearance surprised/confused/caught my attention strong enough that I felt it as I tried to make sense of this.

I pushed those feelings away and I got back to thinking about the situation, I wondered if NF had ever moved to the country where I live when she was married to AM, and from the evidence that was presented to me they had a happy life together for however many years they were married.

I wondered what happened to her first husband C and when and how did her and AM end up getting married, and were they still married?

I was then contacted by a man asking me for help and I left to meet him, I arrived to a lake outside during the day, and the man was walking out of the lake with some children walking near him as he held a body that was wrapped in some plastic or something.

It seemed to be NF I assumed, I did not confirm it but that is what I assumed, and I assumed that he was her husband but it was probably not AM and I assumed that the children were their children.

This was shocking and overwhelming, I fell to my knees during this emotional moment, it seemed that NF had probably drowned or her body had been put in the lake, but my first thought was suicide.

The man, her assumed husband, wanted me to investigate NF’s death to find out why did she kill herself or if someone else had killed her, but I woke up as I probably told him that I would and asked him why me.

Dream 2

A forgotten part of this dream involved The Fourth Great Ninja War from the anime (animated) TV show Naruto: Shippuden, which I watched an episode of before going to sleep, and later in the dream I went to a movie theater where some people were watching a Denzel Washington movie that had an African name that was possibly somewhat like Kuwanti or something else that probably started with a K.

The movie involved Mr. Washington playing a man who started to hear a voice and have visions or something involved maybe an African deity or spirit or something, and the next thing that I remember is walking around during the day through a neighborhood with lower-to-upper class houses.

Fat Joe was one of the people who lived in this neighborhood along with several other rappers and I saw him and the others, I saw other people hanging out and washing cars, I saw a couple with dark-color skin arguing, and at some point Fat Joe angrily told me that he did not want to see me in his neighborhood again (I guess he mistook me for someone else).

As I walked past this neighborhood something strange started to happen to me like Mr. Washington’s character in the movie, I started to feel weird, and I heard a sound and I felt a power and I heard a male voice in the sky in the distance saying an African sounding name or word that probably started with a K (like Kuwanti or something).

This voice was communicating with me it seemed and it started to make contact with me like it was either sending me a message directly telepathically and/or trying to possess me or something, whatever was happening was impacted me mentally/et cetera, and I saw a vision in the sky of a what looked like a barely clothed African muscular man with dark-color skin wearing some traditional African clothing (the little that he had on, which included a hat) and he had a spear and a Nguni shield.

This assumed African man or entity was the one speaking to me it seemed, he was floating or somewhat flying high in the sky saying something that sounded African like that word or name that he kept repeating, and I felt things and knew things and I felt/knew a message from him involving some of my ancestors from Africa.

I felt/knew that I had to make a choice between my African ancestors and my other ancestors (from Europe et cetera), I was not sure why or for what, but I felt/knew that he was saying that I had to choose and that I could no longer claim both (all); and like maybe my African ancestors would reject me if I did not choose.

I think that I did not have long to choose, maybe he was demanding that I choose, and that they would only give me a limited time to choose if I did not choose now; I did not want to reject any of my ancestors (the bad things that they did yes, but not them as my ancestors et cetera), I am not sure if I was able to communicate this telepathically or not, and I was not going to choose or at least not now.

Some other things that I can not remember involving my ancestors was transmitted to me during this brief experience, maybe a reminder about their history and struggle and what some of my other ancestors (European et cetera) had done to them, but I can not remember.

It was like he was communicating with me telepathy, which felt weird and like someone trying to possess you or something, and I did not like this feeling so I tried to break free of whatever was impacting me; and I managed to snap out of the vision/trance/whatever, and I no longer saw him in the sky or heard his voice and some of the unknown word(s)/name(s)/language he had said/used.

I was not sure if he had been an African deity or spirit of one of my ancestors or something, and the next thing that I remember is walking inside a theater where a puppet show was taking place.

A somewhat Christian church-like group with children – adults, who dressed conservatively (especially the women) were there watching the puppet show, and I sat down near some young people including a young woman with light-color skin with maybe yellow hair who was sitting to my left.

I noticed that the theater was a bit rough, I even saw some cockroaches (roaches), and the crowd (especially the children) were enjoying the puppet show.

At some point the young woman next to me started touching my name tag and asked me where did I work, I had my work name tag on to my surprise, and it seemed that she intentionally pushed it so that it would fall down and oddly the new digital clock that I bought last year fell in my lap too like it had been connected to it or something.

She apologized like it was an accident, while I was reaching down to pick this up she laid her head on my shoulder smiling and looking happy and very comfortable, and so it seemed that she had done that just to cause a distraction so that she could lay her head on my shoulder like she liked me or something.

This was awkward as I tried to adjust my name tag as she had her head laying on my shoulder like she was trying to take a nap or something, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, there was a man talking about his ideas involving a possible future post apocalyptic world, and as he described his ideas for surviving it we started experiencing it.

He described having a huge floating ship that people would live on, like a small city on a ship, and it would fly around with gun turrets et cetera on it to defend itself.

We were on this huge flying ship/city with turrets flying over the city, I felt that flying around would leave us open to various attacks and that the turrets were not placed well, and that if he was going to do this then he should have ground defenses as well; and so things changed to where there were more turrets that were better placed, and on the ground there were mobile defenses controlled by people that could be moved and packed up and moved when necessary.

Below a drill or real situation was going on were the ground defense teams started to pack up their mobile ground weapons (artillery, anti-aircraft, anti-vehicle, anti-infantry et cetera) to follow us to the next location.

The next thing that I remember if flying or gliding on a small flying device or something with most of my family over the city over a college, there were people training for sport below like a swim team swimming in a river, and we flew over them and we landed on the street.

We got on bicycles but I rode on the back of my dad’s bicycle at first until I got my own bicycle, and then we rode to what I guess was a fictional version of The BP Library.

Some of my coworkers were there like my female coworker JB and my family and I ate, drank, talked, and watched part of a movie with them.

The movie was about Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine having some other Wolverines trying to recruit him into a Wolverine army that they were building, John Travolta was playing one of the other Wolverines who were trying to recruit him and someone else was playing another Wolverine that was possibly trying to recruit him to another group, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was not interested in joining them.

I stopped watching the movie and I was talking with JB until some patrons needed some help and she went to help them, I decided to help as well, and I remember seeing a poster board with a message to the library clerks about one of them had made a mistake and sent something to the wrong patron; and JB had stopped to look at it before going to help a patron.

I went to help the second patron who wanted help copying a copy of something that was made from a comic book, the patron wanted the copy made larger, but I woke up as I helped the patron.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I were in a somewhat fictional version of the city of D on the right side of the road somewhat past where The Military Surplus Store should be, and we went with my dad to a fictional building for military veterans for an event or something.

At some point we went outside and got on a fictional train for a train ride, during the ride that was heading out to the edge of the city, I fell off the train backward, but I landed on my feet.

It tried to chase the train but it was too fast, eventually I reached a train but it was not the same one, and so I ran until I reached the military veteran building again.

Now it was evening and I guess most of the building was supposed to be closed because when I found my brother GC, there was a security system that had a metal thing with a light on the ceiling that moved around the building like it would sound an alarm if it saw you, and so we tried to sneak around the building to leave without it seeing us.

I reached the area near the entrance but I heard two men talking so I hide, when one went to leave I moved, but then he saw me and I acted normal like I was supposed to be there and he asked me where was the city of D and I told him that he was already there.

He asked me where was the point that marks the entrance to the city, and I told him that he was down the highway to the right by the graveyard; and he thanked me as we walked outside and said goodbye.

My brother GC then caught up with me and then we probably waited outside in my automobile for the rest of our family, they probably showed up eventually, and we left.

The next thing that I remember is that I assume that it was the next day, and I went to a fictional version of The BP Library.

There had been a work event that I can not remember, we each got an item, and mine was a teddy bear wearing a library T-shirt; and I wanted to ask my female coworker JB if she wanted it because it looked like something that she would probably like and want.

I went around trying to find her, eventually I drove my automobile to what looked like the bus stop area of The E House, and across the street I saw JB taking a break eating and talking with some other people outside at some tables near their automobiles.

I saw my female coworker DC, I asked her if she had gotten a teddy bear and she said that she had gotten something else, and that we did not all get the same thing.

I mentioned that I was going to ask JB if she wanted my teddy bear, she joked about something involving JB, and then we waved at JB and she waved back as we smiled and made funny faces at each other as part of a joke.

DC got in my automobile and I was going to give her a ride now that JB was done with her break, and we were going to drive across the street to talk to JB and see if she wanted the teddy bear.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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