Always Sleep On The Night That Jesus Was Born

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Source: IMDb

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother GC and I were on a body of water using maybe a raft to reach a tiny island that was just a tall hill or something, and when we were on the hill something happened where we fell off and our raft flipped; and so we had to swim to the shore.

When I reached the shore there was a movie-like moment that happened where Katie Holmes and a man looked like they were running in a panic from something in the water, but for some reason they stopped by the edge of the shore instead of away from it.

The man was the closest to the shore and his back was facing it, and a large/giant sea creature or fish or shark or whatever grabbed him and pulled him into the water.

Ms. Holmes screamed and she started running but she ran along the edge of the shore instead of away from it, and so the sea creature/whatever grabbed her too and pulled her in the water.

They were both gone now and you could not see or hear them because they were pulled under the water, maybe the scene ended like this was a movie, but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is being with some of my family, some of my coworkers like my female coworker KE, and several other people during maybe a gray day.

A group of women led by a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair too us all hostage, and they took us (maybe by automobile) to a warehouse-like place that seemed to be a public place with other people there.

I was surprised that they would risk us yelling for help but I did not risk it yet, they led some of us inside, and KE had her hands bound behind her back with three different things; and KE signaled to me to cut her bindings because I had some scissors hidden on me, it was too risky to try it now, and so I signaled not now.

Some of us were led to a table with small chairs in an area with some other people nearby, and oddly the women who led us there walked away.

Eventually I realized that the women were not watching us so I decided to remove KE’s bindings, and I did not even need to use the scissors for it.

I told KE to escape now and on her way out find all of our coworkers if possible and have them escape with her while the women were not watching us, I told her that I would stay to find all of my family and have them escape, and then I would stay until I could help everyone escape.

KE did what I said and managed to escape with all of our coworkers, I found all of my family and I had them escape, and then I stayed with the rest of the hostages because the women returned.

I stayed to continue my plan of helping everyone escape, and then I would leave; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and at the end of the dream I was riding in an automobile with some other people.

We were possibly in Hollywood driving through what looked like a fake neighborhood that was used as a film set, it was really outside and was really a neighborhood, but most the houses seemed a bit smaller and like no one really lived inside them.

Some of the houses looked pretty worn like this neighborhood has been used for many years to film movies and TV shows et cetera, and so I assume that we were on our way to a filming location in this neighborhood to be part of a movie.

Up ahead I saw a multi-story building with military-looking guards with assault rifles and combat uniforms and dogs who seemed to be guarding prisoners, and they had them doing basic training-like stuff as punishment it seemed.

I assumed that this was part of the movie being filmed and that they were currently filming, but I woke up.

Nap Dream 1

I had this dream when I took a nap after work.

This dream was inspired by me watching the YouTube video FUNNY “DEF JAM: FIGHT FOR NY” GAMEPLAY WITH ITSREAL85! by ITSREAL85 The Goat.

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe my female coworker KE was in the dream with me, and maybe we were trying to help a man who needed some help with something relating to a Def Jam: Fight For NY-like video game.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Nap Dream 2

I had this dream when I took a nap after work.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day, and there was something that I can not remember that involved some kind of alien or creature abduction where some young people got abducted by aliens or creatures.

The aliens or creatures did something to them that seemed to involve a breeding program like they were going to use some humans to birth either new aliens or creatures of their species and/or hybrids, and so maybe in a way they were using them as hosts or something; but I can not remember the details or how did I know this.

I do know that whatever they did to them would lead to those who were abducted automatically being attracted to others who were abducted and had whatever was done to them, I assume this was to increase the chances of them breeding or whatever, but I can not remember the details.

There was a time jump to the future where two young men who had been abducted happen to be inside the same building, I was walking through the building, and one of them was sitting on the top of a bookshelf or something talking to a young woman with light-color skin.

Somehow a topic came up where he mentioned that something strange had happened to him once, he did not really want to talk about it, but the young woman wanted to hear the story so he started to tell it.

The other young man who had been abducted was this young woman’s brother, he was hiding under the bookshelf listening, and when he realized that the other young man was describing an alien or creature abduction story that sounded like what happen to him he decided to slide from under the bookshelf to talk to the other young man to share his experience.

As soon as they saw each other something automatically triggered inside of them, they were no longer in control of themselves, and their mouths started to open widely and oddly and saliva was pouring out at an extreme rate.

Something inside their mouths that were longer than tongues started to come out, I saw something almost white plastic-like maybe in the hinges of their mouths, and the sister of one of them did not seem to notice what I noticed and to her it looked like they were going to kiss.

I guess the tongue-like things connected or something, I guess the breeding/host process or whatever started, and the next thing that I remember is leaving the building and walking through the neighborhood.

Along sidewalks, a group of people were about to or were taking part in a creature fight league or whatever where they would fight different creatures against each other and bet on the matches, and something happened where I somehow found or was given a creature; I guess this was legal because the creatures were not normal animals but were creatures that do not really exist like the undead (living skeletons et cetera) and various other types of creatures.

I took the creature that I found or was given to a nearby fenced in junkyard or empty yard so that a woman (maybe a vampire or some kind of other humanoid or maybe just a human) with light-color skin with black hair could check it out for me to see what condition it was in and if it would be worth entering it into the creature fight league et cetera, I was possibly considering the creature fight league just to make some money, but part of me probably was not sure if I liked the idea of that.

The woman had at least two undead creatures of her own with her, they were strange skeleton-like creatures with an interesting bone structure that looked like a lot of small teeth or tiles, and their arms were long and slightly wider like partial wing flaps of the same bone on them.

The creature that I had was a giant female undead creature that was similar to her creatures so it was like a giant skeleton-like creature with the same strange bone structure, and her undead creatures climbed up a structure to examine the creature.

I climbed up there with them, at first things were going good and they were saying that this creature would probably win many fights and would earn a lot of money and was in good condition, but then they started to find crumbling bone and various types of fungal infections that were causing its bone to breakdown in various areas.

Now it looked like she was in no condition to fight, but I woke up as they continued examining her.

Nap Dream 3

I had this dream when I took a nap after work.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a gray day in either a fictional version of the city of D or a fictional city, and I drove most of my brothers to a parking lot of a store that was not far from a fictional one-story house that we had just moved in with the rest of our family.

This area had a lot of trees around the area and was a nice little quiet place, and to the left were some train tracks on the other side of the street.

In the distance to our right there was a fire at a gas station or something, I could see the smoke rising above the tree line, and as we were on our way back to my automobile the fire got worse and we could see it over the tree line like the gas pumps had probably caught fire.

The fire spread up the street and into the parking lot and under the front of my automobile, and so we jumped in my automobile and started driving away to avoid the fire before it popped my tires or something.

Other people were driving to escape the fire that was spreading, but fire started blocking the street to the right trapping people down there so we turned left but fire started blocking that way and so we were trapped on all three sides.

I was a bit panicked and worried about my brothers safety, I needed them to survive, and so I looked around trying to figure out a way to save them.

I managed to find an opening or I made one, but unfortunately I can not remember the details other than that we survived; and maybe our house survived unless we got a new one.

The next thing that I remember is that zombies now existed in this dream world, I am not sure if it was connected to the fire or what, I assume that they were zombies but they did not act like zombies normally do in my dreams and society in this dream seem to have its own way of dealing with zombies.

I assume that most zombies were killed on sight at first but now zombies were probably more rare, the zombies seemed to possibly leave you alone sometimes if you did not look at them or make too much noise or move too much, and so people seemed to try to avoid causing them to attack now until they walk by instead of killing them unless necessary almost like they were trying to respect the dead or something.

Anyway, I probably just killed them instead of risking it and leaving them to possibly attack someone else, but I can not remember much of the dream when zombies were introduced.

The next thing that I remember is returning to my family’s new house that was next to a gas station and its parking lot, most of my family were there, and a parade was about to start later and our neighborhood was part of the parade route.

I looked out of the window and I saw a man who looked like my former male coworker Mr. JF from The BP Library along with several kids, his back was facing me so I could not see his face, and he was in the front yard of the house next to us near the street waiting for the parade to start.

I walked outside to go talk to him as more people were arriving early to set up for the parade, but standing behind him was my former coworker Mrs. LF from The BP Library so I greeted her first and we started talking.

Then I saw what looked like a zombie approaching people on a hill across the street, and so I ran over there to help them.

The zombie was deformed and moving strange so it was not clear if it was a zombie or a deformed person moving oddly, everyone got quiet and still and looked away so that the zombie would hopefully walk by without attacking, but I kept looking at it.

It was walking by until it saw me looking at it and it approached me aggressively, I tried to talk to it to see if it was human but it did not respond, and someone whispered to me to look away so I tried this but it was too late it seemed so I looked at it again because it was getting too close to me.

This caused it to lunge at me and I dodged, I led it to the edge of the hill and I dodged again causing it to fall down below, and I jumped off the hill and stomped its head causing it to burst open killing it.

People seemed appalled to my surprise, they felt that I should have continued looking away to avoid causing the zombie to become aggressive, I did not follow the rules or whatever; but it did not bother me much.

The next thing that I remember is that it was a holiday between maybe Halloween and Christmas, it possibly on one of those days or a day between those, and it was some kind of special holiday in this dream world where zombies existed and that big fire had happened.

It was maybe evening or night and my family and I were returning to our new house, I wanted to get our defenses ready in case zombies attacked, and I remember going into a bedroom and I had a fictional brother who was in there too.

He was laying on a bed mat in the corner to my right, this room seemed to be a temporary safe room that we were all going to use during this holiday instead of going out to celebrate et cetera because of the risk of zombie attacks, and I was sitting by or on my bed mat preparing some metal stakes or spears that you could add attachments on.

As I was doing this I noticed something moving into the room so I pointed one of the stakes/spears in that direction in case it was a zombie, but it was just the wife or girlfriend of my fictional brother so I apologized.

She was a vampire who had a name that was similar to Selene and/or she was the fictional sister of the character Selene from the Underworld movies.

She was beautiful with pale skin with a blueish look to it like a cold/partly frozen corpse with maybe shoulder length straight black hair, and she possibly was wearing something that looked like maybe old European religious women’s clothing that royalty might wear.

She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was preparing defenses because I planned on staying up during the night in case the zombies attack during the holiday celebrations et cetera, and then she asked me: “Are you always so crude?”.

I replied that I did not realize that I was being crude, to me it was common sense to prepare your defenses for a holiday like this in a world with zombies, and then she looked at me with a intense face making it clear that she was about to say something very important that she really believed in and wanted me to remember.

She said something like: “Always sleep on the night that Jesus was born.”.

She said this in a way like it was very important like a very important command/rule/code/et cetera that you must always remember and follow, and she said it in a voice and tone and with a facial expression et cetera like someone trying to implant this in my subconscious so that I would remember it like it was essential like something that could mean life or death for me in the future or something.

I asked her if she really believed that Jesus was born on this exact day/night/whatever instead of a different but unknown day/night/whatever with this day just being used as a guess as to when that day may/might have been, and she looked at me with a facial expression the showed that she was a true believer who really believed and she maybe replied: “Yes, I am a Christian, and I am really believe this.”.

I was surprised that a vampire was a Christian and a true believer, that she felt that this was really the day/night/whatever that Jesus was born, and that she felt that we should sleep instead of stay alert for zombies because I expected a vampire like her to fight them (especially if she was Selene’s sister).

It seemed that “Always sleep on the night that Jesus was born” was possibly meant to show that she had faith that god would protect us, to honor Jesus’s birth, and that sleeping during this would reduce the chances of zombies attacking you in this world; and so her and my fictional brother were just going to sleep, and leave their lives in god’s hands.

I planned on continuing to prepare the defenses and be on alert during the night, but what she said really connected with me and had me thinking about possibly trying it but keeping my weapons close by and making sure that the windows and doors are blocked off properly.

I went to ask her about all of this and how and why was she a Christian and why was she so sure that this was when Jesus was born, but I got awakened by my mobile phone ringing loudly from a telemarketer call probably; and this messed up my memory of some of my dreams during my nap.

Even with this loud interruption I woke up immediately feeling and thinking that the phrase, “Always sleep on the night that Jesus was born”, was very important and that I was to remember and record it almost like it was some kind of hidden message/code/subliminal message/subconscious message/whatever meant for me to remember for some unknown reason that is not yet revealed.

I still could hear how she said it and see her face when she said it, unfortunately I did not record this dream immediately, I tried to think about all my dreams during my nap before recording them so I lost some details including possibly the exact phrasing of this phrase.

The end,

-John Jr

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