A Long Lucid Dream With Flying And An Invasion?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, and my female coworker JB left work at 1:00 PM which I somehow knew what time it was when she left.

I wondered why did JB leave work so early, eventually I left work for the day not long after that and it was still day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I remember driving my brother GC to a fictional apartment and dropping him off.

For some reason I did not park at this apartment and I drove not far away to park along the street by W Park, I then realized that this was stupid, and so I started driving back to the apartment to park.

As I was driving by W Park I saw my female coworker FP going to reverse her car into the street to leave the park, and when I reached the traffic lights to make a right turn I saw my female coworker DT driving by in her car.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a fictional medium size city that had various taller multi-story buildings than I am used to during the day, and I remember visiting a fictional library where several female employees with light-color skin with yellow hair worked and one of them was thin with long straight hair.

At some point I went outside still in view of the library for reasons now unknown I started trying to fly using my run and jump and flap my arms method to gain some height until I can glide et cetera, and it worked.

Maybe the dream was a lucid dream or semi-lucid dream at this point where I knew or assumed that I was dreaming but I am not sure because I can not remember what led to me trying to fly et cetera, if so this was one of my most stable and longest lucid dreams ever, and I did not really try to control anything other than focusing on trying to fly.

I started struggling to continue flying using this method, I started to get better but I could not get much height, and so I started trying to glide down and then up to gain momentum and then flap my arms which worked somewhat but still not good enough to reach the top of the tall buildings.

I then decided to use Lost Truth’s flying method of flying with my mind, I struggled but I started getting better with this until I was able to reach the top of one of the tallest buildings that had a helipad on it, and I sat down in a chair among some rich business people who were up there hanging out dressed up with fancy food and drinks and furniture et cetera.

I forgot to mention how detailed and realistic and focused and fun it was trying to fly and continuing to improve and get higher and higher, and the women at the library could see me flying from their windows.

On top of the building a well-dressed woman with dark-color skin with black hair seemed to be in charge, none of the rich people bothered me until she noticed me, and she confronted me.

She did not know who I was and said that I was not invited so I had to leave, me having the power to fly did not faze her at all it seemed, I thought about being defiant and slightly was, but then I apologized and I flew away to the top of the next tallest building.

Somehow one of the female library workers from earlier who saw me flying, the thin one with the long straight yellow hair, approached me on the top of this building in an area where we had a bit of privacy where the people on the building next to us could not see us.

She seemed very drawn/attracted to me now, I assumed that it was because I could fly, and she asked me either: “Can I give you a blowjob?” or she told me that: “I want to suck your dick/cock/penis.”.

I was shocked and confused by this so I assumed that maybe I misheard her and so I asked her what did she say, and she repeated the same thing and explained that she had a goal or obsession or something to: “Suck a big penis, she felt/thought/knew that I had a big penis, she felt that there was something special about me and/or she felt a special attraction to me, she knew that I had the power to fly, and so she wanted to suck my penis.”.

I was still shocked and confused and thrown off by this, I tried to make sense of this and I tried to politely decline and I tried to get her to doubt or reconsider if that is really what she wanted, but she kept insisting that is what she wanted and she was basically begging me to let her perform oral sex on me.

I reminded her that we do not even know each other et cetera, that we were on the top of a building outside, how a request like this was suspicious and felt a bit like I would be taking advantage of her if I accepted, and anything else that I could think of still trying to convince her that this is not a good idea and trying to politely refuse.

There was probably a part of me that thought about accepting her offer of course but this situation was so strange and suspicious and shocking and new to me combined with me thinking about the various possible negative consequences that I still did not plan on accepting, but the dream jumped forward in time; and it just felt like it would taking advantage of this woman if I accepted because she seemed so mesmerized by me (probably after seeing that I could fly).

I had no memory of what happened between the woman and I, I was still on top of the building but I was alone now, and I looked at my mobile phone to see that the woman had left me some text messages that made it seem that the dream had forced me to accept her oral sex/blowjob offer and jumped ahead to the future leaving me with no memory of it.

I was angry at the dream for possibly forcing this on me like I am some kind of stereotype, I did not plan on accepting her offer before the time jump to the future, but somehow it seemed that I was not given a choice by the dream world itself or something.

It was possible that the woman was lying in the text messages or making it seem that something happened between us, I was not sure because I had no memory of what happened, and so I probably texted the woman back wanting to meet up to talk about what allegedly happened.

If something did happen between us then I needed to decide if we should start a relationship et cetera, if something really did happen between us I did not just want to leave her hanging like that even if I had not been given a choice by the dream world itself, and after texting her I am not sure if I called her too or not but I do remember flying to maybe the library to try to meet her in person.

Unfortunately I can not remember if we met in person or not or what happened between us.

At some point in the dream I went (probably flew) to a multi-story building/apartment in a downtown-like area of the city, and I was on an upper floor.

I remember walking along hallways and one area was a fictional version of The BP Library, I walked through it visiting some of my coworkers like Mr. CF, and when I reached the end of the hallway where it curved to a new hallway on the left side I saw my female coworker JB on that hallway working alone.

JB was standing up either putting something on the wall or was organizing something on a cart or was moping or sweeping the floor, I greeted JB wondering what she was doing down here working alone, and as she started to respond she changed into a different unknown woman with light-color skin with long dark-hair.

Unlike in most dreams, I noticed this change, it was a smooth change that happened without her needing to pause as she talked and she acted like nothing had happened, and she clearly was not JB anymore in appearance or voice and I knew this was not JB anymore.

I waited for her to finish her response before I pointed out that she had just changed into someone else and was not JB anymore, and she told me: “Yes, this is a dream, and you are correct that I am not JB.”

I was surprised that she said/admitted that this was a dream because I did not even ask her that or mention anything about that, and I was surprised that she was honest that she was not JB or was no longer JB.

I can not remember what else we said to each other, I just know whoever this woman was, was now mopping or sweeping; and after saying goodbye to each other she said: “I am sorry/apologize that I am not her (JB).” like she knew that I had wanted to talk to JB or finish my conversation with her before she somehow got changed into a new/different dream character or maybe before the change she was not really JB but was an impostor who could shapeshift.

I continued walking down the hall passing by various hallways of apartments until I reached an area where mostly or only Muslims seemed to live, and there was a Muslim boy returning who had just somehow gotten famous in some kind of way like the character Jibril Medina on the TV show Messiah (Season 1) and some other Muslims were celebrating his return.

Later in the dream during the night or early morning, that same Muslim boy got assassinated by some people who sneaked into the apartment room that he was in and they murdered him and they escaped, and later in the morning his family et cetera found his body and there was mourning and some chaos.

I went to investigate so I returned to this part of the building and I asked a Muslim man if he could point to which apartment room was the boy murdered in, and he pointed to it and he told me a few things that had happened before I thanked him and I walked toward the door.

There was possibly some caution tape on the door but I slowly opened it without walking inside, but then a missile or explosion hit the building so I closed the door.

It seemed that the building was under attack and from the sounds outside the city was being attacked, and I knew/assumed that it was connected to the assassination of the boy.

We started evacuating the building, I reached the outside along the sidewalk next to the building along with some other people including my former male classmate JB, and a missile or something hit the building causing pieces of the building to fall as we tried to avoid them.

We stopped not sure where to run so we looked up in the sky to see what was going on, and we saw some unknown military aircraft getting intercepting by some other military aircraft that we assumed to be part of the military of the country that we were in; and so another military seemed to be invading.

There was a strange dogfight between the aircraft where they were flying and hovering very close to each other trying to shoot each other and ram into each other, we could not tell who was who and who was winning, and it looked weird and goofy because they were mostly missing each other because they were too close to maneuver well.

Aircraft were probably not all that was part of the invasion, we stood there trying to decide what to do next and where to go, and I tried to figure out who the enemy were so that I could fly in the sky and help fight against them.

But I woke up as I stood there trying to figure out who to attack et cetera.

Dream 3

This dream took place in the same dream world as the second dream, but the invasion was not going on while everything else seemed to be the same.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside the apartment again on an upper floor again, I think that someone was sick and I was trying to figure out what the sickness was and if I could heal them, and a woman gave me a suggestion so I went to try to use my dream powers to heal this sick person.

Healing is not one of my normal dream powers so I was not sure how to go about trying to heal someone.

I am not sure if I realized or thought that this was a dream or not, and so I am not sure if it was a lucid dream or semi-lucid dream or not.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This next dream kept continuing each time that I woke up and went back to sleep because this dream kept causing me to wake up for some reason, I was still in the same apartment from the previous two dreams, and I was on an upper floor still and I was in the area where most of the Muslims lived.

I was in one of the apartment rooms trying to help a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf who was on a computer trying to make a document and she was trying to add a fabric/sewing/crochet/whatever pattern to it I think, and so I opened up a word processor for her and I started trying to show her how to enter her text and format and somehow add the pattern.

I kept waking up during this because I kept struggling like it was hard to think or something, I would struggle then wake up and then return, and I kept continuing where I left off in the dream each time.

I am not sure how many times this happened but eventually I woke up for good.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day or early evening, and I saw someone walking toward The G House so I probably went to see who it was.

It was my male cousin DE returning from jail, I stopped to talk to him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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