JP Claps My Cheeks

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at a fictional version of The BP Library at work during a gray day, then I was visiting it and my coworkers, and maybe the topic of UFOs came up at some point probably because of a news article that I read before going to sleep by Live Science called Top-Secret UFO Files Could ‘Gravely Damage’ US National Security if Released, Navy Says. (Oddly people do not seem to be talking about this news on YouTube yet)

Then I left with my mom into a back fenced in courtyard/parking lot to leave by automobile, my coworker Ms. JM was closing the gate as we were about to drive through, but I woke up as she was opening the gate for us.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a school and the dream was following a young woman or teenage girl with light-color skin who was talking to a young man or teenage boy named Damian who was probably out of view for most of the dream.

There was something strange about both of them that they had in common, and there was definitely something strange about the girl; and she would often say Damian as they talked.

At some point the girl starts walking outside into the sun, she seems very sensitive to the sunlight like a vampire or someone with strong photosensitivity, and almost immediately she started sweating and looking like the sunlight was pretty much hurting her so she calls Damian’s name.

Right in front of them near the exit of the school, which looked similar to the front entrance of The D High School, was a car that Damian opened the door for and helped her inside out of the sun.

She then thanked Damian as he closed the door and maybe got ready to drive the car with her in the backseat, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I arrived in the staff parking lot at work at The BP Library for work.

My female coworker JB was standing on the other side of the staff entrance door wearing a yellow top (shirt and/or jacket) like maybe she was waiting to open the door for me, but another one of my coworkers who was in the parking lot asked me to help them with something in the parking lot so I stopped to help them.

But I woke up.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this semi-dream/semi-daydream is that I was thinking about work, and I saw a brief scene of my female coworker JB once again standing on the other side of the staff entrance of The BP Library.

She was still wearing yellow mostly, and she was looking out like she was looking for me or someone else expecting us to be arriving soon so that she could open the door or like she was looking for me or someone else for help with something.

But I woke up or I completely woke up.

Nap Dream

I had this dream during a nap after work today.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was about to walk out of a building when I was stopped by my former male classmate JP, we probably briefly talked, and then out of nowhere when I was saying goodbye and about to walk away he clapped both of my cheeks on my face with his hands jokingly.

After this my cheeks and jaw felt weird, like the muscles were too tired to open any further than they already were, and so I could not really open my mouth much to talk like I needed to wait for the muscles to recover or like my jaw was dislocated or something; but I woke up still feeling that same feeling as I had struggled to open my mouth the rest of the way before waking up.

Maybe it was because of the way that I was sleeping on the living room couch.

The end,

-John Jr

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