Kissed By A Mennonite

Dream 1

I had one or more dreams that I woke up remembering but I accidentally went back to sleep without recording them.

I think that one of the dreams possibly involved my female coworkers JB and DC, but that is all that I can remember of this possible dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream seemed to involve me being at a high school class reunion inside a fictional small movie theater-like room inside the now abandoned The E House where most of the lights were not working with some of my former classmate.

The seating was stadium-style and I was sitting on an upper seat, my former male classmate WT was sitting maybe two or three seats in front of me, and my former male classmate BH was possibly sitting near me as well.

At some point for no clear reason I call WT on my mobile phone, he answers his phone and I say a few things like I have no idea why I called him, and he sounds perplexed especially since he is sitting only two or three seats in front of me; and even I realize how stupid this is so I end the call quickly after only saying a few things.

At some point I go to leave, and as I am leaving I briefly meet a Mennonite woman with light-color skin wearing the usual traditional (where I live at least) female Mennonite outfit which was a conservative old-style colorful tablecloth-like/curtain-like pattern dress with a bonnet or headcover that completely hid her hair (which was probably pinned up tightly or up pressed down tightly) so I had no idea what her hair color was or if she even had hair.

The Mennonite woman’s male cousin was a fictional former classmate of mine with light-color skin who had invited her here with him, as I passed them I probably briefly stopped to greet her cousin and he introduced me to her, and then I continued leaving.

The E House was in somewhat bad shape and when I went outside I was somehow now in a parking lot that looked like the shopping center parking lot in the city of D near Dollar General and a liquor store, to the left was a small store, and I went inside of it.

A female employee with medium-color skin with curly hair was working there and there was a boy and a girl with light-medium color skin there too, I was there to get a newspaper for my mom, and while I was waiting on the female employee to get it I played with/babysat/visited with the children.

The woman took a long time for some unknown reason, I remember talking with her as she was across the room, and a man with light-color skin entered the store and sat on a toilet that was in the open in the same room as us and he started defecating.

While he was doing that one of the children were play fighting me and put me in an ankle lock, I played along, and the children and the man started laughing and enjoyed this.

The boy had the power/superpower to phase through objects like the floor, which is maybe called permeation and/or intangibility, and he even showed off his superpower by phasing partly through the floor so half of his body was in the floor and you could not see it.

At some point the female employee finally gave me the newspaper, and I walked outside to the parking lot.

There was a group of old people with light-color skin including the library patron Mrs. JM talking by their automobiles and mine, and so I stopped to talk to them and we had a good conversation until I left in my automobile to my parents house.

When I arrived I entered through the back gate and my uncle CE was talking to my parents house, he told me that my brother GC and I had won the opportunity to attend a dinner that was being set up now at The G House, and I think that we had won it because of good grades in college or something so the college was having a special dinner next door for some of us.

CE wanted us to go now so we can get some food before everyone else shows up, and as he said this I saw some people walking on the front porch of The G House bringing some more supplies inside of it as they continued getting ready; and one of them was a woman with light-color skin who said that the dinner had just started when my parents asked her, and so we could go inside now.

I walk into my parents yard on my way to try to get my brother GC to attend the dinner as well, but somehow I see the Mennonite woman from earlier outside our yard near the street so I greet her.

We briefly talk, my mom walks over and suggests that the Mennonite woman attend the dinner with me, and the Mennonite woman’s mother who was short with light-color skin walks over and agrees with my mom; and both of our mothers seem to be trying to set this up like a date, and from their facial expressions et cetera it seems that they hope that we start dating.

I thought that it was a good idea and the Mennonite woman accepted, and so we went to the dinner next door together.

I remember us having a good time talking, eating, et cetera.

At some point as we were talking the Mennonite woman locked eyes with me and slowly moved closer to my face as I was talking like she was going to kiss me, she paused near my face waiting for me to kiss her, but I took the cautious approach and I let her initiate the kiss.

It was a nice short kiss, my first kiss, and then we went to try to kiss again longer this time.

Imagine the first kiss being a bit like this scene:

As we were starting to kiss again I asked her if she could remove her bonnet or headcover, besides being curious about her hair color and hairstyle et cetera and wondering if she even had hair at all, I thought that it would just look better and would be more comfortable for her to let her hair breathe and let her hair down; and she started untying her bonnet or headcover as we kissed.

It was a nice brief moment and she was really getting into it and letting go, but in the very brief seconds that we started kissing again a barrier popped up around her that was basically the size of and shaped like a telephone booth.

Apparently her mother and/or her church and/or her community and/or someone had somehow set something up on her that would activate a barrier if she goes too far, in this case I guess kissing would be going too far in her religion/denomination, and she probably said a few things about this and she started laughing.

It was a bit funny even though it interrupted this nice moment and now she was stuck behind the barrier, and as she was laughing I thought that I heard my female coworker JB laughing so I turned to see if JB was nearby.

I had not seen or heard her earlier so I was confused by this, I did not see her so this confused me a bit more, but then I assumed that it was the Mennonite woman and that maybe her laugh was just similar to JB’s or something.

But I woke up as I was wondering what do we do now that she is trapped in a barrier, do I need to get her mom to undo the spell or whatever, or will the spell or whatever break on its own?

The end,

-John Jr

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