Capturing A Fugitive | Ideas | NFL Photographs

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a country that was maybe a bit like Thailand or Vietnam or The Philippines where you could travel by boat to reach some areas, and we had to use a boat to reach some areas.

I am there with my brother CC and either one or more of my brothers and/or several other people, we are looking for a dangerous man/criminal who probably raped and killed people among other things, and our job was to arrest him and bring him back to another country so that he could face trial et cetera.

I remember getting a small wooden baseball bat and a bag, and we had handcuffs.

We found the man and I had my brother CC get the handcuffs and I tried to show them some safety procedures to follow when dealing with dangerous people, and I arrested the man and I put a bag over his head to prevent him from seeing to reduce the chances of him attacking or escaping or seeing our identities more closely.

We left to return him to his country, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day mostly inside a multi-story multi-purpose building that was probably part college, part hospital, part dorm, part apartment, part library, and maybe more.

Part of the dream involved me walking around the building, their were some other people with me at some point who went into a restricted area that possibly had surveillance cameras and there is a chance that they took something but I can not remember, and happened to be around so we were worried that the police and/or security was probably after us.

So we were going to flee the building, I remember us reaching a room with a door that led to the outside to some stairs that went down to the ground in a back alley or quiet side of the building, and the others escaped but for some I can not remember I did not follow them.

I continued moving through the building like I was on the run even though I never did see the police or security, I saw various things and met various people during this like maybe former classmates and coworkers et cetera, and maybe I went to a bathroom in a college area that some college students were using.

At some point my female coworker FP showed me a Google Docs like app and website that allowed you to make collaborative documents, there was a bar at the top and one at the bottom, and she showed me an example document with her suggestions showing in the top bar along with her avatar and how I could click her avatar and click on the bottom bar to type my replies to her suggestions.

She had some ideas for me involving things that I could do to improve some things at The BP Library where we work, she wanted me to look at them and respond to them when I got a chance, and so I thanked her and I told her that I would; and then I continued my journey.

The next thing that I remember is that I did not feel that I was on the run anymore, the police and security never did respond, and so I continued to explore the building without being as stealthy.

At some point I left the building and I was in my parents yard and/or house talking to my mom, my mom was telling me about some ideas that she had to improve the house, and then I gave some ideas to improve the front porch and the yard but she interrupted me with a joke and we laughed.

But I woke up.

Nap Dream

I had this dream at the end of my nap today after work.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me waking up and going back to sleep in the dream and/or in the real world on the living room couch, and during this I kept thinking about two NFL teams.

I know that one was the New Orleans Saints, it involved each team having a badly shot photograph of them on the field showing one of their plays, and they would use that photograph to carry out a play that would fail.

They had two other photographs of them on the field doing two different plays, these photographs were shot better, and so I maybe somehow mentally suggested or somehow manipulated the dream world where they used the good photographs which led to their plays succeeding this time.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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