Fathers And Sons | Complaining | A Funeral Home And Police

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was with my parents and a group of people outside, and we crossed a rope bridge.

The next thing that I remember is my dad and I going to an event for fathers and sons that took place during the evening or night, and after the event we were told to follow the group but they did not say where we were going or why.

I remember us walking from our automobiles that were parked in what looked like the parking lot of a Walmart that had tool-like business at the front of the parking lot closer to the road.

We followed the group to the tool-like business, others entered the business before us, and when my dad and I walked inside we saw some of the fathers and sons getting things from the shelves and leaving the store with them.

It looked like everyone was stealing from this store that we now assumed was closed, the lights were on, but I felt that someone in the group knew someone who worked there who probably intentionally left the door unlocked so that the group could get in and steal what they want.

My dad and I wanted no part in this so we quickly left the store hoping that we were not seen on camera and hoping to leave before any police possibly arrived, we did not take anything, but we still were afraid that someone would falsely think that we had been a part of that.

We got into our automobile to leave, and the next thing that I remember is that my female coworker DC somehow knew how to read and speak and understand some Spanish; and later in the dream DC and I met at an event.

We talked about Spanish, used some Spanish, and she helped translate for me because I think that almost everything was in Spanish at this event; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream I was working at The BP Library, a female patron was on a computer in the computer lab complaining out-loud, and so I asked her if she needed some help; but she just mumbled to herself, and she left.

The patron returns and starts complaining again and saying that she will go to another library on Pine Street, I asked her what library, but she did not respond.

I once again asked her if she needed help, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream I was traveling during the night with my dad in his truck in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and my dad parked his truck along the outside of the entrance of a fictional funeral home that was near where Advance Auto Parts should be.

In front of the area where we parked was a small yard with a small house with a car parked in the front of the yard.

My dad got out of the truck and he started walking toward the funeral home so I followed him, and I was not sure if he was walking to the next street to visit a friend who lived on that street or if he was going to find a place to use the bathroom or if he was headed to the funeral home.

Under the carport of the funeral home was a hearse with the hood up, and smoke was coming from the engine or something; and I decided to walk back to the truck while my dad kept walking.

On my way back to the truck it was very dark and I was on alert, I felt that I needed to be on alert especially since I could not see very well, and I guess I sensed that something was about to happen.

I made it back to the truck to wait for my dad, I kept looking around for danger in the darkness, and I noticed movement from a fourth generation Chevrolet Caprice that was parked in front of me in the yard in front of me.

It was too dark but I thought that I saw a man with dark-color skin move inside the Caprice, and then suddenly police vehicles pulled up outside the yard in front of me and near the left of me.

The light from the police vehicles revealed that a second person was in the car, a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who looked like my former female classmate JC who is the sister of my former male classmate JC but I was not sure if it was her or not, and she had her head out the window looking at the police pull up with their lights on.

I assumed that this was a drug bust or something, and now I was afraid that I would get caught up in this because I was sitting in a truck so close to this area; and so I let down my window and I put my hands out where the police could see them.

I started to think about how to respond to various questions that the police might ask me, like what am I doing here and what was my dad doing et cetera, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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