A Superpower Competition | A Store Fight | Sexual Assault In The Military

Nap Dream

I took a brief nap during an episode of an anime on Toonami when I had this dream.

All that I can remember is being inside a multi-purpose building that was school-like, I remember walking through some hallways, and there was something about a competition to see who would win among those with superpowers.

As I walked through the building there were people with different superpowers and a male voice who seemed to be over this competition would say when to start fighting/competing, and so I got to fight a few times against people with superpowers and I was able to use some of my dream powers to compete against them successfully.

I remember reaching a gym with people who could fly, the male voice said to start, and so we started battling in a flying competition/fight.

I managed to fly but not as good as the others so I relied on combining combat and flight and strategy, and I defeated the others.

The winners got to keep moving through the building to compete, I then moved to the next area with some other winners waiting for the male voice to give some new orders, and one of the other winners was a man with light-color skin wearing a beaver-like costume without the mask.

This hallway was school-like with rooms on both sides, we found a dying man who looked like Sheamus from the WWE, and his body was flatter especially his head like someone had attacked him and we found basically a layer of skin of his entire face not far from him that looked almost like a mask but it was really his face.

He was barely breathing, the others probably called for help, and as we were investigating the scene I saw some pink vomit-like stuff on the floor with a pill in it.

The man in the beaver-like costume started acting sick near it like he was going to vomit or like he had been poisoned or something, his fake beaver-like tail hit the pink liquid and pill as he was choking or whatever, and his tail hit me getting some of the pink liquid on my hand.

I went into a room to avoid him and to wash my hands but he kept moving backward toward me still choking or whatever, I kept trying to dodge his tail, it was like he was either dying and/or was intentionally trying to knock the liquid on me and mess up the crime scene.

But my brother GC woke me up in the real world.

Dream 1

This dream involved me working at a store that was like a combination of a Dollar General and an automobile parts store, my former male classmate TC entered the store, and I remember walking outside with a clipboard to help a customer.

Once back in the store a male coworker of mine with light-color skin who had a bad attitude got into an argument with a male customer, they briefly had a fight but stopped and went their separate ways, and the customer was complaining about my male coworker always getting away with stuff like this.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my former male classmate SW still being in the military, but he did not want to be in the military anymore.

Some of SW’s fellow soldiers accused him of somehow disrespecting the military/them, and so they wanted to kill him and were about to attack him; and so several other people and I walked over to defend SW.

We were outnumbered by the soldiers, to avoid a fight I gave a speech about us not wanting to fight them, and how a few of them I probably recognized; and I asked them what did they think SW did and even if what they said was true how does that justify killing him.

I managed to talk them down, I was ready to fight regardless but I had hoped to avoid that, and fortunately I did; but then a female soldier with light-color skin who looked and acted like the strong attractive seductive independent type revealed that from the beginning of her military career she has been sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by her fellow soldiers.

She revealed how her fellow soldiers (all male) would hold her down in the locker room against her will and would sexually assault her with various objects, including guns or gun-like objects with custom attachments to try to produce some kind of sexual pleasure, and how she would keep saying no but they would hold her down and even a higher ranked soldier would order the other soldiers to hold her down and he would be the main one sexually assaulting her with objects.

Eventually she stopped resisting and she would just let them sexually assault her and from the outside it might seem like she liked this or was consenting to this in a twisted type way, but that was the result of the trauma et cetera and was not really her wanting this or consenting; but it just seemed that way, and this led to her personality changing to appear strong and seductive and independent but that was not true and she was really suffering.

Like SW she probably no longer wanted to be in the military anymore after this terrible treatment from her fellow soldiers all this time, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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