A Woman And Bill Clinton And A Pickpocket

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a college that also had a shopping mall, and I was there with a fictional brother with light-color skin who was there in college with me.

I can not remember the early parts of this dream, I assume that maybe we left our dorm or somewhere else, and we went to a glass room in the mall with at least two women and maybe some other people.

We were hanging out in this glass room, and there was a possibly European (maybe Eastern European) woman with light-color skin with medium length orange/yellow/brown hair who somewhat seemed like she was my brother’s girlfriend or near-girlfriend or who possibly had sex with him before.

I do not remember the woman talking, maybe she could not speak English that well, and she acted a bit android-like and like she just goes along with/has sex with/starts a semi-relationship with whoever she thinks will take care of her or something.

The woman mostly reacted to what she thinks the other person wants or something, as we were hanging out she was acting like she wanted to have sex with me and/or start a semi-relationship with me, which confused me because she as acting like that toward my brother at first so I had assumed that they were dating or something.

At this point I assumed that maybe I was wrong about that, I can not remember if I asked my brother or not, I just remember feeling that it was not a good idea and like it would be taking advantage of her because of how she was acting a bit like a sex android or escort or prostitute or something who did not talk and just reacted; and so I did not go any further than just hanging out with her and briefly walking with her before going my separate way with my brother.

It is a bit hard to describe how she acted, if you looked like you were leaning in she might lean in for a kiss, if you move closer to her to talk she would move closer to you and would maybe put her hand across your shoulder and listen to you, basically she just acted like she was there to look pretty and quietly entertain you reacting to your assumed needs/wants, and if you let her get too close she would probably get on your lap and start making out with you and have sex with you if you let her but I never let that happen.

After leaving the glass room (which was one of several that were in that area) my brother and I started to walk through the mall, I noticed that most of the store owners were standing outside of their stores like they were waiting on a special guest to walk by, and as I walked further I saw Bill Clinton slowly walking and stopping to greet people standing outside businesses to see him; and that is who the business owners were looking at and waiting for.

We continued walking until we reached a food area along the hallway/walkway/whatever where mostly college students hung out, I sat down at a table, and to my left was a possibly homeless man with dark-color skin who was possibly eating or something.

I probably greeted him, as I sat there he was talking out-loud a lot, and at some point he started talking to me and he moved closer to me.

As we talked I caught him pickpocketing me, his hand was leaving my right pants pocket with some cash in his hands, and so I loudly called him out and I physically detained him when he tried to deny robbing me and he tried to walk away.

I held him on the ground while I looked for my wallet and debit card, fortunately those were still in my pocket, and I let my brother (who was now my real brother GC instead of the fictional brother, and so somehow he changed to one of my real brothers without me noticing) hold him down while I continued to see if anything else was missing.

I decided to not call the police and I let the man keep the cash and we let him go, a man/male student with dark-color skin recommended reporting this to someone and photographing the man, and he photographed the man and I decided to do the same; and I told him that I might report it to someone later, but I woke up as I thought about it.

Dream 2

There was more to this dream but I forgot everything except for barely part of the end of the dream, I remember walking down a hall until I reached a fictional smaller branch of The BP Library where I work, and I walked through the main area where some patrons and some of my coworkers were.

I then reached a back area with bookshelves of books, I found papers that looked like mostly failed print jobs scattered on top of some books and shelves along with a few print jobs that looked like someone was going to use them for something, and so instead of throwing them away I collected them together and I reported it to one of my coworkers.

Then I heard a man with dark-color skin yelling like he was yelling at his children or something, it sounded like he was possibly beating one, and so I walked back down the hall to see.

I saw the man about to exit a door with at least two little girls and maybe a little boy, I greeted him and I asked him if everything was okay and if he needed some help, and I can not remember his response other than that he did not need anything.

I did not seem him abusing the children or anything so there was nothing to report and he was quiet now, and then I got a phone call from my female coworker M.

M reported that she had a problem where she was trying to add a new password in the system for a patron but it was not accepting the password, and so I asked her if the password had at least 8 characters and at least one number because maybe that was the problem.

But I woke up as I waited for her response.

The end,

-John Jr

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