JB Gets Angry | A Dog Bite | Mercenaries And Flying | Jeff Bezos

I lost everything, I was typing my dreams here in the new Microsoft Edge web browser that I am testing out when a certain keyboard combination made my screen refresh and I lost everything that I typed of my dreams, everything; and nothing was saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about frustrating, I lost everything, and now some things are lost permanently; but I will try to type what I can remember in hopefully the correct order and hopefully this will not happen again.

Dream 1

I had this dream on the couch after I fell asleep after watching Toonami.

All that I can remember of this dream is that the dream took place inside a store and a fictional version of The BP Library was inside part of this store, and I was there working inside the library.

I remember standing and maybe talking to my female coworker JB who was sitting behind a desk, and then a fictional female coworker of ours with maybe dark-color skin walked over about to smoke a cigarette.

I made a comment somewhat jokingly about how my coworker was about to try to smoke a cigarette and how that was disappointing, which is unhealthy and not allowed inside the library, and I said it in a way that was not really serious at all; but JB responded angrily without looking at me.

JB looked angry/annoyed and like she was ignoring/rejecting me and she angrily said/mumbled something about people not liking people constantly telling them what is good and bad for them et cetera, this was directed at me without her even looking at me or saying my name, and she just looked at her computer angrily like she was acting like I was not there.

I did not mean to offend anyone or tell them what to do and I was not expecting this response, it seemed that JB was going to probably ignore me for who knows how long, and so this hurt my feelings and I really felt it sharply and even in my chest and I said something but JB continued to ignore me.

I thought about what she said and how I needed to try to be careful not to say something that could be misunderstood like this again, I knew that trying to talk to her now would be pointless and that she would continue ignoring me, and so I walked away still feeling hurt and rejected and ignored as I thought about the situation.

I walked to the store areas and as I was walking/thinking in maybe the grocery section I saw a man getting chased by a creature, in front of them was an old man with dark-color skin in a wheelchair who I recognized from Eastside and Mr. FF, and so I yelled to get the creature’s attention so that I could lure it away from the others before it could attack them.

But I woke up as the creature ran toward me as I tried to figure out where to lead it.

I woke up on the couch with same feelings of rejection et cetera from the dream, this bothered me enough to get up and voice record this dream, and then I got in bed and I went back to sleep eventually after thinking about this dream a bit because it still bothered me.

Dream 2

There was more to this dream that I clearly remembered and I was going to record this dream but somehow I did not record this dream and I kept going back to sleep and having more dreams, and so now the only thing that I remember of this dream is that my female coworker JB was in this dream as well.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I got bit in the mouth by a small dog, maybe I was looking at the dog with us face to face and it bit me, and the next thing that I remember is that there was a storm.

Later in the dream I was at The E House with several other people and I went inside The G House to put something inside the house, and my dad and one of my coworkers and a male Christian preacher/minister were on the porch.

When I walked on the porch with them the preacher asked me a question that I can not remember, and in my unknown response to his question I somehow answered in a way that linked my response with time in a way that I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, there was an area with a multi-story modern building that reminded me of the area where the recreation center at MS University should be, and across the street from it in a field behind maybe a restaurant was a golden statue of Minato Namikaze and his son Naruto Uzumaki was living inside of it.

Naruto was probably animated but most of the rest of the dream was not, and Naruto would often visit with several other people and I at the area with the multi-story building and parking lot and several other buildings.

The shoulder of Minato’s statute was damaged and had an opening that Naruto used by making a door for it, and that is how he got in and out of the statue that was hollow inside.

Later in the dream I was on an upper floor of the modern building working inside a fictional version of The BP Library when a fictional male coworker of mine with light-color skin wearing business clothing noticed another fictional male coworker with a male computer guy who looked like he had just been hired by our coworker to do something illegal/wrong/et cetera.

The male coworker near me went to confront our other male coworker and the hired computer guy, when confronted it seemed that the first male coworker was correct in his assumptions and the computer guy left not wanting anything to do with this now, and our second male coworker ran so we chased him outside.

I tackled our coworker on or near the sidewalk by the parking lot near a tennis court-like area, I backed off waiting for my other coworker to catch up as I talked with coworker who was still on the ground, but then he got up to run but fell and hurt himself.

My other coworker finally caught up and started taunting our now hurt coworker about how his professional sports career was over now thanks to his injury and for getting caught doing something illegal, but then an armored vehicle with mercenaries with body armor and automatic weapons drove up throwing a smoke grenade to create a smoke screen and a rifle to our injured coworker.

An overweight third man with light-color skin wearing a bandanna who probably could speak Spanish and English joined my first coworker and I with a shotgun and an armored car door-like thing that I held as a shield, and we had a shootout with the mercenaries and our second coworker.

I remember us having to run for cover as they shot our shield with their automatic weapons, and then we ran as they chased us and shot at us along the side of the highway along a hill with their automatic weapons.

All we could do was run and block and shoot back, our shield was amazingly strong and was the only reason that we survived, and somehow we caused the mercenaries to wreck their armored vehicle.

I am not sure what happened to the third man after the wreck, I just remember that my first coworker was now animated and he now looked like the character Magma from the anime TV show Dr. Stone (Season 1), and we ran for our lives to climb over a barbed wire fenced in yard of flowers and tall plants before the mercenaries and our injured coworker could recover.

We climbed the fence to run throw the yard of tall flowers and plants to use them as cover as we tried to reach the other side of the fenced in yard which led to a trail and a small forest, and then I decided to try to fly and it worked.

I was not able to fly well or high but I was able to jump in the air and flap my arms to gain just enough height so that people would have to look up to see me, but not too high to be an easy target to shoot.

I flew over the other side of the fence to the trail and my first coworker climbed the fence and joined me, I suggested that he fly too but he wanted no part of it at first, but I convinced him that it was easy and was possible.

I told him to run and jump in the air and flap his arms to gain some height, and then glide and imagine and believe that he can fly and where he wants to go.

I had him jump and grab my hand and I pulled him in the air and then I let him go and he was flying too, he was surprised and he started laughing because it worked, and I started to give him some flying advice as we flew lowly through the trail and forest as the mercenaries and our coworker probably tried to find us.

But I woke up.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was watching a commercial that showed Jeff Bezos and another man with light-color skin laying on a couch with two attractive women laying on both sides of Mr. Bezos like they all had partied and fell asleep together on the couch.

Mr. Bezos and the other man were talking, the women would sometimes open their eyes to look at Mr. Bezos and maybe hold on to him and then close their eyes and/or go back to sleep, and another man with light-color skin walked over toward the couch to join the conversation.

The women opened their eyes and glanced at him like they were not interested in him at all and they closed their eyes and/or they went back to sleep rejecting/ignoring him, and they only cared about Mr. Bezos it seemed.

The man realized this and he looked like he felt sad/rejected/ignored as Mr. Bezos and the other man talked as Mr. Bezos continued relaxing with the two women.

I was surprised by this commercial because I thought that Mr. Bezos had a girlfriend and I wondered if she was okay with this commercial, also it did not seem to be advertising anything, and I did not expect him to be in a commercial like this.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello True George,

Yeah, I was not expecting that and I thought that something would have automatically saved, I still am not sure what keyboard combination in the new Microsoft Edge web browser caused that; I mostly use Firefox these days but I sometimes test other web browsers like Brave and Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Since this incident I try to manually save every so often.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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