Undoing Time To Fix A Laptop

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside and I was helping my brother GC with a laptop.

The laptop had some plastic wrap/straps or something on it that I told him to carefully remove but he pulled it without being careful, and so the plastic wrap/straps/whatever dug into the laptop cracking and breaking into it.

Doc Pauline Croze – Mise À Nu

What is it?

The 2020 YouTube video Doc Pauline Croze, Mise À Nu by the YouTube channel Pauline Croze that is a video from the limited edition of Pauline Croze’s 2005 music album Pauline Croze:

Doc Pauline Croze, mise à nu

What is it about?

This is how Pauline Croze describes this video:

“Pauline Croze, mise à nu ?”

Un film de Didier Varrod réalisé par Didier Varrod et Frédéric Large
Une co-production Absolute Management/Didier Varrod/Wagram Music/France 4


Anne Claverie

Jean-Louis Brossard


Pierre-Yves Romano

Garbis Baharian

Nicolas Preschey

Philippe Zdar

Edith Fambuena

Jean-François Delort

Antoine Léger

Les musiciens

Raphaël Chassin

Antoine Massoni

Jérôme Boirivant


Pauline Croze


Didier Varrod

Photo Anne Claverie (Paris, 2020)

(c) accelera son/Didier Varrod/Wagram Music/France 4

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