Undoing Time To Fix A Laptop

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside and I was helping my brother GC with a laptop.

The laptop had some plastic wrap/straps or something on it that I told him to carefully remove but he pulled it without being careful, and so the plastic wrap/straps/whatever dug into the laptop cracking and breaking into it.

There was some kind of undo feature somewhere, where I am not sure, and I used that and it seemed that the undo feature somehow caused the dream to go back in time before my brother GC damaged the laptop so it seemed to have literally undone the damage that was caused to the laptop.

Not far from us were two women with light-color skin who had an electronic device of some kind that was damaged, but it was no longer damaged now after I had used the undo feature.

The two women assumed that this was some kind of trick and that I had just switched their damaged electronic device with another undamaged electronic device, I told them that their assumption was wrong, and that it seemed that the undo feature could possibly undo time or reverse time.

I think that this all happened inside The BP Library because I remember being at the library, and then I went and I sat near the desk of a fictional female coworker so that I could check on an item and talk with my fictional female coworker.

As we talked my female coworker mentioned a past female coworker of hers that used to often talk to younger men, it seemed that she was also implying that former female coworker often dated younger men, and she mentioned that I often talk to older women.

She mentioned that former female coworker rarely visits the library, and then my supervisor Mrs. JR walked by us saying goodbye so I said goodbye as she walked away to leave for the day.

As this was happening I remember somehow seeing a scene from an Elvis Presley movie with him in a dimly lit underground-like room with some girls, young women, and women as he sang and danced and played a guitar.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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