Mind Control & A Cougar

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working inside a fictional larger more modern and nicer-looking version of The BP Library, and someone or something seemed to be using mind control on several other people including a woman with most of her hair cut off who looked like or was Kristen Stewart and I.

I remember the mind control or whatever was negatively impacting my memory, I kept experiencing missing time, I probably kept feeling like I had lost consciousness several times, it was impacting my sleep in the real world and the dream itself, et cetera.

The super short haired Kristen Stewart-like woman or Ms. Stewart was impacted by the assumed mind control a bit differently, she may have experienced some things that I did, but her main side effect from it was that she kept getting more angry/mean and unstable and needy et cetera.

Her boyfriend was inside the library and he kept rejecting her advances throughout the dream because of her increasingly instability and anger it seemed, she kept trying to hug and kiss and cuddle him et cetera throughout the dream, and him rejecting her made things even worse.

My female coworker FP was in the dream, and at some point I went to a fictional nice room that was in the back employee areas.

The next thing that I remember is that my brother GC and I were walking out of an apartment when the sun was starting to set, to the right was a fence, and on the other side of the fence was India or a similar country.

I remember commenting that our country had done India or whatever country that was wrong, I felt bad for them and wanted to help in some way, and my brother GC wanted to go over the fence to their country to investigate something so we started walking towards it down a trail that was near it.

My brother GC climbed the fence first but then I saw a cougar (mountain lion) in front of me, it saw me and it got into an attack stance and it growled at me or whatever, and I had no cover or weapons or armor so I was in a bad position defensively.

I was not sure if it had rabies or some kind of other disease so I did not want to fight it with hand-to-hand combat, I am not sure if I dodged its first attack before this happened or not, I just know that on the other side of the fence in India or wherever was a dog that caught the cougar’s attention and it jumped the fence to attack the dog instead of me now.

The cougar attacked the dog and I jumped the fence to go help the dog, I picked up a wrench or some kind of other short metal tool as a weapon, and I attacked the cougar.

The dog had puppies, and during the fight the cougar or dog tried to bite me and managed to slightly bite my hand or one of their teeth scratched my hand.

I managed to beat the cougar back and it ended its attack, it probably ran away, and I stood there holding my hand that was possibly slightly bleeding from a cut from one of their teeth.

My brother GC was nearby, I wanted to get my hand washed and checked immediately to make sure that I was not exposed to rabies or something like that, but I did not want to leave the cougar on the loose to attack someone/something else.

I woke up as I stood there talking to GC as I tried to decide what to do.

The end,

-John Jr

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