Tourists Bicycling Through The City Of D

I think that I remember hearing the song Ne Rien Faire by Pauline Croze at some point in this dream.

At some point in this dream I was riding a bicycle along the highway that leads to the city of LC, I was returning to a slightly fictional nicer version of the city of D, and as I was entering the city I noticed a group of tourists (several adults with light and medium-color skin, and several little girls with light-color skin) from different countries riding bicycles along the highway behind me.

We stopped under a fictional bridge-like area, they asked me some questions about the city of D, and then we rode to a fictional city owned building that you had to go down some steps to reach the entrance.

The building and this area had an old American style to it, the city of D seemed to be an older city than it it in real life, and we entered the building.

This building was familiar to me and I had memories of possibly visiting it several times before in the past with my family when I was a kid, I had memories of it being a museum/fair/recreational-like place focused more on families, and at the ticket booth was a man who looked like he might be an older overweight slightly more tanned version of my former male classmate P and it was him.

I can not remember his last name, even in the dream I could not remember his last name exactly, but my guess in the dream was that his last name was Giamatti.

I greeted him and we talked after I paid for a ticket, slowly other former classmates of ours showed up like there was a high school class reunion or something about to start, the only tourists I saw now were the girls who seemed to be more like my sisters now or I was just babysitting them now.

The building was darker now like it was later and I remember talking with various former classmates as music played, people danced, people drank, et cetera.

At some point some of my former classmates like my former female classmate LB was trying to find a date for a shy fictional former female classmate of ours with light-color skin with curly red and/or brown hair, but they were not having much luck as they showed various possibilities including a fictional strong guy with light-color skin who punched someone.

For some reason they forgot about me it seemed until at some point I either said something or they remembered me, and they tried to set us up.

The tourist girls who were now like my little sisters had walked further into the building where I could not see them, and so during my semi-date or date with my fictional former female classmate we went looking for them.

I remember us having a good time, eventually we found a spot where they probably were, and either one of them or another little girl was guarding the entrance like a bouncer which was funny and cute.

I remember us laughing and smiling as we talked to the “bouncer” about letting us in, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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