Uncle John? | A New Library Branch

Dream 1

This dream is confusing because I am not sure if I was myself the entire dream or not, the main character of this dream seemed to be a woman, but it also seemed that I was somehow partly this woman at times and/or I was seeing things from her point of view until the end of it; but I am not sure so I will assume that the woman and I were somehow combined/one person until the end.

The end of this dream took place during the day, a woman with light-color skin who seemed to be a special undercover agent/spy/mole/whatever entered a building that seemed a bit like a warehouse-like area that was possibly connected to and/or was where maybe the Walmart in the city of D should be, and an armed mafia-like group seemed to be there.

As she/I was walking she/I was probably communicating with headquarters who were possibly monitoring the situation.

This mafia-like group seemed to be using this building as cover and as a sort of base, there were workers (maybe welders and manual laborers et cetera) et cetera there too possibly, and when she entered the back areas she got approached by some armed male mafia-like members with light-color skin.

She/I could have easily defeated these guys but she/I let them take her/me prisoner, probably to try to avoid blowing her/my cover and/or to hopefully learn something, and they took her/I to a back room to torture and interrogate her/me.

I can not remember if they hit her/me or not, I assume that they were while interrogating her/me, and they were doing this in a small back garage area with the garage door open to maybe the parking lot and she/I were tied to a chair near the entrance.

At some point things got bad enough to where she/I did not think that she/I were going to be able to avoid having to use violence to defend herself/myself because they probably seemed like they were going to kill her/me, and so she/I decided to press a panic button that was hidden on/in her/my pants or right leg.

The panic button turned red and then she/I saw a small simmer of light in the distance like a sniper was there, the sniper was on her/my side and was the one to respond to the panic button, and she/I probably gave the sniper (who I knew was a man) the permission to start shooting the mafia-like group.

As soon as one of the interrogators raised his submachine gun, the sniper shot him, and then the sniper started shooting everyone or almost everyone who seemed to be a mafia-like member as they tried to return fire.

They were not match as she/I possibly untied herself/myself from the chair, grabbed one or more guns, and she/I possibly shot a few mafia-like members until they were all dead (the sniper shot most of them).

Then she/I heard police sirens, this is where it seemed that we separated or I somehow became myself again though I did not know it, I just remember walking to escape but some police and detectives were entering the entrance.

One of them looked at me with a serious facial expression and said: “Hello Uncle John.” , it was my former male classmate AH and he was a police officer wearing a nice uniform and hat, and I said hello A as I continued walking slowly because they did not stop me to my surprise.

I remember being confused as to why he called me Uncle John because we are not related, how did he know that it was me, where did the woman go then, and was I really myself now and was I always myself et cetera?

I stopped in the doorway trying to decide if I should tell them anything because I was not sure if they would find any evidence that would link me to what happened other than being just a victim, I wondered if the woman had left fingerprints and would they be hers or mine et cetera, but I woke up.

Dream 2

An early part of this dream involved my dad returning home from work, and he showed me a real Remington full-size black plastic/polymer pistol that he had won at work to my surprise.

My dad said that they had a race pulling something, that he had gotten 5th place, and that is how he won the pistol.

He was not sure what caliber the pistol was, I assumed that it was probably 9mm or .40, but I was not sure; but I was curious to find out, and so I took it with plans on finding out and getting ammunition for it and shooting it et cetera.

I wondered if we had to register it or anything, and if we should use it for home defense; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The end of the dream took place during the day inside of where the VA video rental store used to be in the city of D, and in this dream The BP Library where I work had just opened a new library branch there and I had just arrived there to work for the first time in this new location.

I remember walking from near the back and I saw my female coworker JB across the building to the left standing at a computer in the computer lab that had standing desks with maybe stools for those who want to sit down, and so I went to talk to her and see if she needed help because she seemed to be struggling with something and she was the only other person there.

I greeted JB and I asked her if she needed help, she said that she had been trying to print something but it did not send to the printer and she did not know why, and so I asked her if she downloaded the file first and what was it et cetera.

I walked closer so that I could see and help, she said that she had downloaded the file and that she had just sent it to the printer again and she was going to see if it sent this time, and if not then I would check it out.

There was not much space between the rows and so as she was leaning forward to reach the computer mouse she accidentally bumped into me with her butt, this felt real surprisingly (the feeling of the impact, the clothing, the softer skin/fat/muscle, et cetera), and then an older male patron with light-color skin with white/gray hair wearing a baseball hat entered the building and walked over to us.

He told us that he had lost his keys and was not sure if they were here or not, JB said that she would look, and then we noticed that there were now magically patrons in line and sitting at several full size or queen size beds near the front desk so JB had to rush over there to help the patrons in line and look for the keys and check her print job.

JB looked stressed and I wondered why did they have her working by herself other than me working with her, I have not been trained as a library clerk so I could not help with that, but I could help with the IT and shelving et cetera stuff.

I walked over to the front desk to see if I could help any patrons, to see if JB’s print job printed et cetera, and somehow I found a bed comforter and I took it to one of the beds to fold it and then put it up.

All the patrons sitting on beds were old people and they were looking up at a small black CRT TV that was mounted to the right above the entrance that led to the back employee areas on the ground floor, and to the left behind JB and the front desk were some stairs that went up to a fictional second floor.

The TV was on and seemed to be rewinding like maybe an old VHS was rewinding and that is what the old patrons were about to watch, I decided to wait for it to rewind so that I could play it for them, and I folded the comforter while doing this and probably asking if anyone needed help as JB helped the patrons in line at the front desk.

One of the old patrons sitting at the bed behind me was a very old woman with dark-color skin, we said something to each other that I can not remember, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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