The Bidens | Mr. B | Questioning The Dream And Dream Characters

Dream 1

The beginning of this dream was probably inspired by me randomly watching a bit of the news on several different TV channels last night on TV as I was eating dinner like part of this PBS NewsHour news report:

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of it involved things involving The 2020 United States Presidential Election, but I can not remember the details.

Later in the dream during maybe the evening I left from inside a building to walk outside back to a fictional apartment where I lived with most of my family, and outside the apartment I happened to see Joe Biden and Jill Biden standing there and somehow I stopped and I ended up talking with them.

Later in the dream I was driving somewhere in what looked like The United States in the state of Louisiana during the day in The Blue Van, and somehow The Blue Van flipped off the edge of a hill or raised area into a river to my left.

Fortunately The Blue Van somehow flipped/rolled out of the river and on a bank of dirt and/or sand on the left of it, and amazingly the van was not damaged.

Unfortunately I was on the other side of the river and would have to take a long way home through small unfamiliar areas and towns, and so I was lost.

I drove until I reached an unknown small town, I stopped to use the GPS and map on my mobile phone to hopefully help me get home, and I called my mom to let her know what was going on.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place in my brother GC’s room, my dad’s supervisor Mr. B was in the room standing up talking to me probably asking me about what I have been doing in the years since I last worked at The BP School Board, and at some point I remember him asking me if I had his keys.

I told him that I did not remember ever having his keys other than maybe possibly him letting me unlock a door with his keys once years ago when I worked at The BP School Board during a college break, but then I realized that was wrong and that he had never let me use any of his keys before so I said so.

I then went on to comment about my memory messing up sometimes like that, somewhat jokingly, and then he somewhat jokingly mentioned a male coworker of his with this problem.

I also remember us talking about how last year he went to my parents house looking for my dad when my dad had come home from work for his lunch break, my dad left his work truck at the house and he left in another automobile with my mom, and I happened to be outside exercising when Mr. B walked up on the front porch and I greeted him and he asked where my dad was.

I was not sure where they had went so I told Mr. B that they had left somewhere, and I texted my dad to let him know to call Mr. B because he was looking for him and he said that my he had not returned his phone calls.

That was an awkward moment last year, but I woke up as we continued to talk about that and some other things that I can not remember.

Dream 3

Now this was the coolest dream of the three dreams and I will count it as a lucid dream even though I did not control the dream or use dream powers (flying et cetera) and I was not 100% sure that I was dreaming, I was mostly sure (over 90% sure) that I was dreaming, but I left open the small possibility that it was possibly the real world and not a dream even if logic seemed to prove otherwise because I had not yet proven it 100% yet.

This dream involved me going to The BP Library to visit my coworkers because I have been sick this week and had not seen them this week yet, and I wanted to let them know that I was alive and that I planned on returning to work the next day which would either be Thursday or Friday in this dream if my assumptions are correct.

I remember being inside the library walking in the hallway in the back employee area walking to The IT Department, no one was in there so I walked back into the hallway to continue walking toward the front to find my other coworkers, but as soon as I stepped back into the hallway I saw Mr. CF walking up the hallway so I stopped to talk to him in the hallway outside the doorway of The IT Department.

As we were talking my female coworker JB happened to be walking up the hallway and she joined our conversation, as the three of us were talking I noticed the first unusual thing in the dream, JB’s hair looked like it had been recently dyed a new color of red that made it more obvious that was not a natural hair color and I noticed that a lot of her hair was missing like it was falling out because I could see parts of her scalp/bald spots.

I assumed that maybe something went wrong when she had her hair dyed or something, though there was a fear that there was chance of it being something more serious, I was not sure and I was concerned so I was possibly going to ask her when I got a chance.

As Mr. CF was walking away my female coworker KE walked over to join JB and I in our conversation, I was surprised and happy to see that KE was back at work again, and there was possibly something slightly different with her hair or appearance as well but I can not remember.

Then my coworker Mrs. CM walked around the corner near KE’s desk in our direction, she stopped to briefly talk with us, and then I noticed that she had a different hairstyle where her hair was a bit shorter and curlier and more yellow.

I thought that it was strange that this many of my coworkers had changed their hair at the same time, what were the chances of that, and this really got me thinking that something weird was going on.

Mrs. CM only said a few things before walking away leaving JB, KE, and I still standing in the hall.

I am not sure if KE got to say much or anything at all before she suddenly made a face like something was wrong, she tried to say something to us but she could not talk it seemed, and she just made a strange sound like someone struggling to say something or someone in pain.

KE started to hold her stomach and/or upper body while leaning over like she was in pain, JB and I asked her if she was okay, but she turned around and she started struggling to walk up the hall toward her desk as we followed her out of concern.

KE then made a left turn like she was walking to The HR Department, I assumed that she was in pain and was going to let my coworker Ms. MW know and that she was going to take the rest of the day off, and so I decided to not follow her in there so that she could have some privacy and because I knew that Ms. MW was probably there and could help her and/or call for help if needed.

I assumed that JB was not going to go in there either, though I know we both wanted to make sure that KE was okay, but I was not sure which direction JB went when I was not looking.

I had not finished my conversation with JB and I had a strong feeling that there was something that I could not remember that I wanted to tell and/or ask her and I wanted to greet my other coworkers out front, and so I walked down the hall to go to the front desk where I assumed that she had went and where most of my other coworkers would be.

As I walked down the hallway toward the door across from Mr. CF’s office, I started to noticed that things looked different like the building had been redecorated and possibly remodeled, and when I walked out the door near where the front desk should be it became obvious that I was correct and that something strange was really going on; and I may have seen our Branch Manager/my coworker Mrs. MB in her office, but I can not remember.

The main area of the library seemed to be larger with new and more shelves and remodeled to where each section had its own style and colors and materials that were used to help each section stand out from each other, I only got a quick glance from a distance, but it looked nice and artsy/creative and professionally done.

Where the front desk should be (which was now further to the left away from the entrance/exit) was an open classroom-like area where some or most of my other coworkers (like my coworker Mrs. RB and my female coworkers DC and TR and MH and AG and CR et cetera) were sitting at desks along with a lot of patrons, there were probably at least 40 or more desks, and so there were a lot of people sitting at those desks.

The computer lab seemed to be in the middle of the building slightly to the right in a carpeted section (the carpet was maybe a dark red with several other colors in small maybe dot-like patterns) with gold-color metal trim on the outer edges to separate it from the hard maybe white and black checkered pattern floor walking areas around it, and there were at least four times as many computers with each computer having its own desk arranged in an offset(?) pattern to maybe match the offset pattern of the carpeted floor that it was on.

At this point the strangeness of the dream finally added up to where I started to question whether this was a dream or not, I felt that it was almost impossible for the library to have been remodeled and redecorated this much in the two days that I was gone without any one even emailing us about this, and so I thought and said to myself that this is probably a dream so at this point I guess this became a lucid dream that I was trying to prove whether I was really correct about this being a dream or not.

I still could be wrong so I decided to greet my coworkers and ask them, to my surprise they claimed that all of this really was done in just two days, and that this was not a dream; and even the patrons joined in to agree with them.

I pointed out the various ways that this makes no sense and why I think that this is a dream, we debated this, but everyone disagreed with me and made it seem like something was wrong with me; especially DC who argued against me the most, and she stared at me making a facial expression that made it clear that she thought that I was wrong and she was wondering why was I even arguing with them about this like something was wrong with me and that I was acting crazy. 😀

None of them logically explained to me how this was all done in two days yet they still kept disagreeing with me, and so I called out JB’s name hoping that she was in the crowd and would tell me what she thought and whether this was a dream or not like I assumed/thought; but no one replied, and so JB was not among the crowd.

When I was calling out JB’s name something strange did happen where everyone looked around like they were looking to see if she was among the crowd and then they looked back at me at the same time when no one replied, it was a bit creepy how they moved mostly at the same time like that, and it was even more proof to me that this was probably a dream and that everyone was just dream characters in my dream.

Everything felt so real though, everyone was saying that it was not a dream, I knew that I was sick, I still had not proven it for sure yet, and so even though I thought that it was a dream I still could be wrong and maybe the fever was impacting my judgement so I wanted more proof just in case they were correct.

I decided that I would try to test my dream powers then that would prove that I was correct, I decided that I would try flying like I did the last two nights in a row in my dreams, but things felt so real that I felt like it may not be possible to fly like I felt some real world restrictions like I possibly felt gravity and my body weight and the air et cetera.

I was standing in front of all of these people who were acting like I was crazy or something, and so I decided that trying to fly in front of them would be risky in the small chance that this was really the real world and not a dream.

I did not want to look stupid and crazy by trying to fly in front of them because if I failed and this was the real world, that would be very embarrassing, and so I did not want to risk the embarrassment.

So I decided to try it somewhere else after I go find JB to ask her and because I still had a strong feeling that there was something that I really wanted to tell and/or ask her but I could not remember what.

I walked back through the back employee areas down the halls, as I walked past The IT Department I went to do one of the reality checks I know, as I walked to further try to prove whether this was a dream or not.

The reality check was to look at the time and/or some text, look away, and then look back to see if it changed or not; for some people the time or text will change in a dream when they do this reality check, and so then they will know whether they are dreaming or not.

This reality check works for some people in dreams, not usually for me because in my dreams time and text usually behaves like in the real world in my dreams so this reality check does not work for me usually if ever, but I decided to try it anyway.

I looked at my watch which looked real and was on my left wrist like it should be, I saw the time, and I looked away but I can not remember if I got to look back or not at it because I saw JB outside walking up some fictional steps to enter the fictional glass doors to enter the back employee area by the break room.

It looked like it was evening outside, I noticed that JB had to walk up two rows of steps so the library was now higher off the ground which was further proof that this was probably a dream, and there was probably two layers of glass walls separated by a small entrance area with both layers having maybe two glass doors in the middle and one on the far left and one on the far right which was even more proof that this was a dream.

I noticed that JB now had a small simple probably handmade yellow fabric deerstalker-like hat or something on her head that somewhat reminded me of a Pikachu hat because of the color and simple design (even though it was smaller and not the same style) and fabric, I assumed that she had made it herself, and that maybe she was wearing it to cover the bald spots on her head.

Once JB entered the building I told her that something crazy was going on but no one would believe me, I told her that I noticed that the entire building seems to have been remodeled and redecorated et cetera in only two days, and that this is probably a dream but no one believes me.

I asked her if all of these changes to the library was really done in two days or not, and JB replied cryptically: “You will just have to believe.”.

I asked her what did she mean (did she mean believe them or believe what I thought?), did she want me to really believe that this was all done in two days even though the chances of that being true is almost impossible, and I told her that did not make sense logically.

I asked her to answer yes or not, but she did not respond and she just looked away making a facial expression signaling that she did not want to answer yes or no and that I would have to decide for myself.

Once I saw that facial expression I knew that I would get no further with that question, and so I asked her if she thought that this was a dream and I asked her to answer yes or no.

JB once again replied cryptically by saying: “You will just have to decide for yourself.”, and she made the same facial expression signaling that was her final answer and she kept walking as I asked her to wait and I kept talking asking her what that means.

I was going to keep following her trying to get answers but I decided to stop and try to figure out what she meant, the cryptic responses were a bit frustrating and annoying but at first I assumed that she just did not want to answer those questions, but then I started to think that maybe what she meant was that I already knew the answers but that I was going to have to decide whether to trust my own judgement or believe the others.

I then thought that maybe JB was trying to get me to start trusting my own judgement more and stop caring what other people think so much, especially when it seems pretty clear that I am correct on something, and then I felt impressed that she possibly was trying to help teach me something in a clever way where I had to take responsibility for myself and instead of relying on someone else opinions so much.

I assumed that I was correct that this was a dream but I decided that I would finally prove it 100% for myself by using a dream power like flying, I decided to relax and clear my mind first by taking a deep breath while closing my eyes, but this accidentally triggered my automatic wake up from a dream technique so when I opened my eyes ready to try to fly I actually opened my eyes in the real world.

As soon as I woke up in bed I then knew that I had been correct, that really was a dream, but I was disappointed that I did not get to use my dream powers and enjoy that stable dream that felt so real that even I did not want to believe that it was a dream.

I was really curious how everyone would react once I prove that I was right by showing them that I could fly et cetera, I also wanted to thank JB for her assumed lesson that she taught me with her cryptic responses and I still wanted to figure out what it was that I felt that I needed to tell and/or ask her, and I probably wanted to see if KE was okay and if not maybe test out whether I can try using my dream powers to heal someone or not.

The end,

-John Jr

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