A Lucid Dream Revolver Incident | An Idris Elba Speech

Firing a 2 inch Gun at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
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I had more dreams that I had remembered and there was more to these dreams that I had remembered, but I did not record some of my dreams in time and the lucid dream was long and probably became a normal dream again at some point so some dreams are lost now and most of my long lucid dream is forgotten now unfortunately.

Dream 1

This was a long dream that eventually became a long stable lucid dream that probably eventually became a normal dream again that ended abruptly, this combination led to me forgetting most of the dream at some point after waking up, and at first I had even forgot that it was a lucid dream at some point so fortunately I barely managed to remember that much at least; but it is very unfortunate that most of this partly historic dream/lucid dream is forgotten now, and I do not even remember what caused me to realize that I was dreaming.

At some point in this dream I was in a nice modern multi-story building, and some of my family was there like my parents and my brothers GC and TDC.

At some point in the dream I somehow realized that I was dreaming, the dream became a lucid dream, and I noticed how stable and realistic this dream world was as I started to test out my dream powers.

I could be wrong but I assume that the first dream power that I tested was flight, and so I remember trying to fly starting with my normal flap my hands a bit to gain height after jumping technique and this worked.

I flew around still amazed how stable and realistic everything was, I literally flew around touching the building and furniture which felt real and solid, and I could feel the textures and everything.

I started to use Lost Truth’s fly with your mind flying technique, and I flew around for a very long time exploring the building and testing and still marveling how stable and real this dream world was.

Flying was easy but felt realistic, I can not remember if I used any other dream powers or what else I did other than explore and test the realness and stableness of the dream and dream world, and my mind was clearer than it normally is so I was able to think clearly as I explored this dream world.

I remember thinking about which dream powers to test next, I remember wanting to see if I could summon one or more dream characters, and I went to try it but I can not remember if I got to try it or not; I just remember getting interrupted when I saw my family, and I joined them.

The dream had already gone on for a while before it became a lucid dream and then while it was a lucid dream, and at this point or some point I possibly forgot that I was dreaming so maybe this dream because a normal dream again or I just stopped trying to control the dream or use dream powers.

At some point when I separated from my family I found a tiny old gray/silver metal revolver with old light-tan tape pealing off the handle and it was loaded with several rounds, it was the smallest real revolver that I have ever seen in real life or my past dreams, but it was larger than this revolver and smaller than a North American Arms (NAA) mini-revolver:

I decided to go show my family the tiny revolver that I found, and eventually I found my family inside a hotel room or apartment inside the building; and my brother CC was there now too I think, but I could be wrong.

As I was examining the revolver I noticed that you could unscrew the back of it so I did, inside the threads of it I saw some nasty moldy and/or dirty lubricant-like stuff, and then the revolver started to feel hot like bacteria and/or chemicals inside of it had started a chemical reaction when exposed to the air.

One of my fingers started to feel extra hot and like I got a burn from touching the back area and/or the moldy/dirty lubricant-like stuff so I had to put down the revolver, my finger started hurting and literally throbbing and feeling strange, and so I rushed to the bathroom to wash my finger with cold water and soap.

I called out to my family about this and for them to not touch the revolver, and my brother CC followed me into the bathroom.

Everything felt real the throbbing and pain got worse, my finger started to look like I had a blister, like my finger got a bit stretched, like my finger was getting softer, I could still feel some heat on it, and I worried that I could lose my finger or something.

My brother CC recommended cutting my finger so that the fluid inside could drain, I told him that I was not sure that was a good idea, but he did it anyway; and that seemed like it might have started to help, but I accidentally woke up from the realness and panic of the situation.

My finger probably felt weird still a few seconds after waking up in the real world.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a slightly fictional version of The BP Library, and I remember standing up holding a topless medium-size plastic food storage container that we own in real life that had a little bit of liquid with some beans in it as I waited in line at the front desk.

Some of my coworkers were there like my female coworkers JB and MA and Mrs. RB was there, and JB and MA possibly were talking to each other a bit as they waited to the left of the line.

I wanted to talk to my coworkers especially JB, but JB did not look like she was in a good mood and they had not started conversation with me so I wanted to avoid bothering them for now even though I wanted to talk; but I still planned on saying something to them and talking to JB if I got a chance.

When I was about to talk to JB or as I started to say something to her I got interrupted by an old male patron with light-color skin with white/gray hair who started talking to me about a team or something, I had no idea what he was talking about, but I assumed that he was talking about a school’s sports team that one of his family members was on and that he wanted my help in the computer lab so I followed him to the computer lab.

The computer lab was against the wall near where the emergency exit should be, the computer lab was larger with rows of tables that held at least 4 computers per table with each table facing the same direction and they aligned with each table in front of the other, and there were many people in the computer lab watching a video on a very old CRT TV.

The old man was with another old man with light-color skin with a similar hair color and an even older man with light-color skin with a similar hair color who was in a wheelchair, and we tried to find some computers/chairs that were not taken.

Some younger people ended up taking the seats of the other two old men except for the first old man and I, as we waited for the other two old men to find seats, we watched the video on the old CRT TV like the others.

The picture quality was bad and was not even full color, it was an older type color than modern color, and the picture was not stable and would move a bit.

In the video Idris Elba was standing up giving a speech, it was at the end of his speech that sounded very inspirational and the crowd in the library and the crowd in the video was enjoying his speech, and some of the patrons were even saying so out-loud.

I heard Mr. Elba talking about what sounded like his childhood, some of the challenges that he faced in life and how he overcame them and how that made him a better person, and he gave some words of wisdom and words of encouragement to those who were listening.

At the very end of his speech he was holding a little girl with light-color skin with curly brown hair who I assumed was his daughter, as he was waving to the cheering crowd his daughter fell, but she landed on her feet fortunately.

I remember looking around to see where my coworkers were, I still wanted to talk to JB once I finished helping the old man, but I did not see her now; and so I assumed that JB had either left for her break, went to the back temporarily, or possibly was not even working today and had just been there as a patron and left.

But I woke up before I even got to help the man or talk to any of my coworkers.

I remember feeling disappointed and still wanting to talk to my coworkers, and I remember feeling like I am not going to like trying to talk to my coworkers less if they do not initiate conversation first so that I will hopefully avoid bothering those who do not want to talk to me or those who are bothered by me going around greeting everyone and trying to say something to everyone each day when possible.

I do not want to get another complaint or comment about possibly talking too much, but I do not think that I have been talking too much (to more people yes, but for shorter amounts of time than last year) and I am not sure how to balance this because I lack any details about the complaint or comment to know who or when or why et cetera so that I can make adjustments.

So this was bothering me yesterday, in this dream, and today after waking up; and will probably continue bothering me this week.

The end,

-John Jr

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