Mass Mind Reading / Mind Control?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I were driving somewhere, and we went to a school building when school was not taking place.

At the school I remember seeing a woman who looked like or was Ellie Kendrick.

At some point I felt like I needed to defecate and I wanted to find a bathroom, but my mom wanted to leave to the next location which was a place that I felt was less likely to have a good bathroom.

We left by automobile, I am not sure if we reached the location or if we just made a temporary stop in another city, either way we went to another city to park in a parking lot of several businesses.

A male employee with dark-color skin with black hair who had dreadlocks was standing outside listening to music and dancing, and I assumed that he was on his lunch break.

I still needed to defecate so I was going to go find a bathroom in one of the businesses, but I woke up.

In the real world I assumed that I really did need to use the bathroom so I went to the bathroom, once there I did not feel like I really needed to use that bad, but I did anyway; and then I got back in bed and I went back to sleep.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in maybe Afghanistan at an assumed military base that I assumed to belong to The United States military.

The dream involved a man with dark-color skin with black hair who seemed to be either a special forces soldier or a former special forces soldier who was some kind of special undercover agent or something who would go on special missions, and he was good at his job.

Something happened where The United States military and/or government and/or intelligence agencies possibly got some information from maybe an Afghan soldier who alleged that he had heard that an American soldier or agent and/or an Afghan soldier or agent had defected or something, and was going to help some terrorists or something carry out a major (some kind of dangerous weapon attack like missiles or worse) attack on maybe The United States and/or somewhere else.

For some reason they suspected that the special forces soldier and/or special undercover agent was the alleged traitor, probably because he was the only person they felt could manage to pull off something like that, and so he was arrested.

The dream jumped to him being in a room at some point during his interrogation/torture, and there were two women with light-color skin who seemed to be special agents/interrogators/torturers; and one of them seemed to be in charge.

The interrogator in charge reminded the soldier about his interrogation/torture training, which had worked so far to allow him to resist the torture, and they were standing near a tub of ice water that had some objects in it; but I can not remember if he had just gotten out of it or not.

The head interrogator was smiling and seemed to have something planned that he could not resist, he kept telling her that he was telling the truth, but she did not believe him or she was just enjoying this or she was just making sure.

She bent down toward his foot, she then said: “I found it!”, and then she started reaching for his foot like she was going to press the bottom of his foot with her finger or something; but the dream jumped to another scene inside a house that I assumed to be at the assumed United States military base.

A mother and young daughter with light-color skin were sitting on a living room couch talking when suddenly the became paralyzed in a very uncomfortable way, I assumed that the head interrogator had somehow activated something that I assumed was impacting the entire military base and/or city, but that was my assumption and it is possible that it was only impacting the soldier and the mother and daughter but I have no idea.

I sensed that the head interrogator was somehow using some kind of mass mind reading and mind control ability and/or device, the mother and daughter could not move and it seemed like something or someone was reading their minds possibly like it or they were looking for information on who the traitor was and what their plan was et cetera, and so this assumed threat must have been very serious for them to do this.

The mother and daughter were afraid, the daughter started to speak in an unknown language like something was either making her subconscious reveal some details and/or something was possessing her and was sharing those details to the assumed head interrogator who I assumed was able to somehow listen in using either a special ability and/or a special technology.

What I saw seemed more supernatural and paranormal, I could somewhat see and feel what they saw and felt, they were caught by an unknown force and it possibly somewhat blurred their vision as it controlled and read their minds or whatever.

After the daughter finished speaking in the unknown language whatever was controlling them and reading their minds stopped, and they tried to recover.

They were terrified and the daughter was crying, and I wondered what in the world kind of ability was that and did the head interrogator do it or did she activate that ability in the soldier and used him to do this; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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