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Dream 1

This dream took place at a fictional version of The BP Library that seemed to be combined with The E House, and I was there working on a project involving me having to make a post on maybe our website that listed a movie that each of my coworkers were to pick.

Each of my coworkers, who wanted to I assume, could maybe pick their favorite movie and I had to add it to the post with a description of the movie et cetera, and so I was setting up the post and copying and pasting movie descriptions et cetera while I listened to them talk and I possibly talked to sometimes.


Praise Santa | A Huey Freeman Christmas | The Boondocks

Praise Santa… [Ho Ho Ho] ^_^

What is it?

A Jazmine DuBois dream scene from episode 7 (A Huey Freeman Christmas) of the animated TV show The Boondocks (Season 1).

praise Santa

This is how PsyDoXeN describes this video:

Jazmine DuBois knows the true meaning of Christmas and preaches it in style…

Gospel choirs, they’re so much more fun than all the other depressing, ‘you’re all going to hell unless’, alternatives!!! ^_^
The Boondocks : A Huey Freeman Christmas