Zenni Optical Black Rectangle Glasses #2018921

What is it?

The Zenni Optical Black Rectangle Glasses #2018921.


What is it about?

This is how Zenni Optical describes these glasses:

These classic rectangle glasses go a long way on style and affordability.

Made with light and flexible TR90 plastic, this medium-wide frame comes in four glossy options: black, teal, clear, and red; two matte options: navy and brown (with a complementary matte pink interior).

Universal Bridge Fit glasses from Zenni

My Thoughts

Almost two years ago I should have kept this pair of glasses when I bought them for my male cousin DE and a pair for myself, the reason that I did not was because the arms were bent inward causing a tighter fit and the frame is more bendy/flexible than what I am used to and they are the minimum width that I need to avoid my wide head breaking them, and so out of cautiousness I sent them back.

If I would have kept them I would have saved money because I have bought way more glasses than I should have, but I did learned a lot from buying all of those glasses.

This time this frame did not have the issues that my previous pair of these had, they were a natural fit (maybe they could be 1 mm shorter and 1 mm wider though), and took no time to adjust to.

This frame is a pretty balanced frame that is among the lowest priced glasses frame that I have ever had, and so that makes them even more impressive.

They do not feel as sturdy as I would like though because they lack metal inside the arms et cetera, but they are possibly more sturdy than they may feel/seem because allegedly the type of plastic (TR90) that they are made from is supposed to be more flexible while still being pretty sturdy.

The end,

  • John Jr

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