Mr. JM And His Family Time Travel

This dream took place during the day outside, and there was a Bradley Cooper-like man with curly hair or maybe it was Bradley Cooper with curly hair walking around outside being filmed as part of an artsy short film or something like that.

He was on vacation and I guess he decided to film a short film after being inspired by the beauty of the outdoors, and so one or more people followed him around filming him as he walked around the beautiful outdoor environment.

The short film had a nice filter applied to the visuals, it was shot/filmed at various cool angles, the pacing was a bit slower and surreal, but it did look a bit artsy and pretentious.

The next thing that I remember is that my coworker Mr. JM and his family decided to take a very short trip or vacation or something, and they time traveled (using a time machine I assume) back to maybe a time between the 1950s – 1980s.

They went to a park during the day, and at some point they asked part of a family (several brothers and at least one sister) with light-color skin if they would take a photograph of them (Mr. JM and his family) using their camera.

Mr. JM and his family handed their modern digital camera to the other family, and that family took a photograph of Mr. JM and his family as requested.

After taking the photograph the family noticed that the camera was unusual, and they saw the back screen on it that showed real-time movement and saved videos et cetera.

Mr. JM and his family then noticed their mistake of handing a modern day digital camera to people in an older time period who had not seen that technology before, and so after the family handed them their camera back they left immediately to time travel back to the future hoping that what just happened would not have some kind of negative consequences.

Mr. JM and his family made it back safely to the future, but the dream jumped forward in time and showed the sister in that older time period.

She remembered what happened that day and she was determined to figure it out, and it seemed that she was possibly going to become a villain or something; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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