Being Followed | A Roberta Gemma Movie

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I remember visiting a fictional walking trail that I had false memories of having visited before.

It was a long trail that possibly could take you to another city but I can not remember, it probably went through forests that possibly started in an area similar to where B’s Park in the city of D is, and if so then I have had similar trails in some of my past dreams.

I had false memories of walking that trail until one day I saw a very creepy man on that trail, and whatever happened that day caused me to stop walking that trail much or at all.

At the end of the dream I actually went to walk that trail again for the first time in a while, and I was walking and talking with a woman along the trail but I can not remember who she was et cetera.

There were some other people walking the trail further behind us, one of the people further behind us on the trail was an overweight man with dark-color skin, and he seemed to be following me and staring at me with negative or neutral-negative facial expression and was talking about me either to himself and/or the other people further behind us.

This brought back memories of the creepy man who(m) I had encounter on this trail in the past and I was not sure of this man’s intentions, and so I decided to assume that his intentions were not good and that I was possibly in danger.

I did not want the woman to get caught up in this so maybe I had her go ahead or something without me, but I can not remember what happened to her.

The trail crossed through a building at some point, maybe this was where the trail ended, and so I took advantage of this by being the one to enter the building first and then I hid in a room on the left of the entrance; and my dad happened to be in this room.

I probably quietly and quickly told my dad what was going on, we stood still as the man entered the building glancing around like he was looking for me, and so it seemed that I was correct about him following me.

He did not seem to notice the door to the room that I was hiding in so he did not walk in the room to look for me, he just glanced around the main area until the other people entered the building, and then he kept walking through the building exit angrily.

I was not sure if he was giving up or if he was going to keep walking outside looking for me thinking that maybe I had continued walking instead of hiding in the building, and the next thing that I remember is that I returned home.

My former male classmate DH called me on my mobile phone, we talked, and I remember him asking me about some of the music that I like and some of my interests.

I remember DH mentioning his job and something about him/them helping some kids recently, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, the mostly forgotten parts of the dream possibly involved something involving police, and then I remember going to one or more houses in a neighborhood that looked similar to the neighborhood on the street that passes the D High School and its baseball field.

There were two-story houses with balconies and maybe some one story houses with porches et cetera, I possibly went on one or more balconies and porches and yards, but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is possibly being either somewhere in Europe or New Zealand or Australia somehow, and I was somehow seeing parts of a movie that was made by a male movie director with light-color skin who was from either somewhere in Europe or New Zealand or Australia.

This director was known for making pornographic (porn) films but he wanted to make a movie that was not completely pornographic or that was a porn movie that seemed more like a non-pornographic movie, I am not sure which, but I do know that it was a movie that he had planned for years.

The director wanted this to be his greatest movie yet and he expected it to be, it was years in the making, and he had finally made it.

The movie started with Roberta Gemma walking during the day in a small city in Europe or New Zealand or Australia, she was the main character of the movie it seemed, and she walked to a small building or house with stairs leading to the second floor.

She walked up the stairs and into the small house on the second floor, inside was Lexington Steele I think, and the two of them had sex.

Afterward something strange happened where Roberta either somehow absorbed part or all of Lexington or somehow she magically had a penis now, either way this change happened at some point after they had sex and it seemed to be temporary, and the rest of the clips of the movie showed Roberta going around the city having sex with different women while still having a penis.

The sex scenes were done in a short montage style so they were barely part of the movie, and most of the movie focused on trying to be artistic and focusing on the nice outdoor environment and the city et cetera as Roberta walked from place to place.

During her walks the director used different camera angles and gave the movie a slower pacing, but that is all that I can remember of the parts that I got to see of the movie.

The next thing that I remember is that I was still in this country and I was with Roberta now that the filming was done and the movie was over or the preview of the movie was finished, she had a large yellow square fabric luggage-like thing on wheels full of objects and paperwork and notes et cetera from the filming of the movie that the director wanted to save, and I remember us walking through the city as she pulled it around.

I guess it was the last of the important things that the director wanted to save as remembrance/mementos from his greatest movie yet that he had finally made reality after all these years of work, for whatever reason he was not there to pick it up, and so I guess he wanted Roberta to bring it somewhere where he could come and pick it up later or something I assumed.

The city looked nice with sidewalks, sitting areas, maybe small water fountains and plants et cetera, and there was even a body of water near what seemed to be the downtown area.

It was pretty empty though, there were some automobiles parked, but most people were inside because it was about to rain it seemed.

Somehow we went to what seemed to be my parents house, I am not sure if we had traveled back to the country that my parents live in or if my parents magically had a house in this country, I do know that it still seemed like it was going to rain.

Roberta wanted me to hold on to the luggage-like thing for the director until either she could return to pick it up for him or he could pick it up or someone else could pick it up, I agreed, and I brought it inside because it was about to rain and I did not want to leave it on the porch et cetera.

I put it in the living room after saying goodbye to Roberta, and for some reason I went to open the luggage-like thing which had two zippers.

When I opened it I noticed baby spiders crawling around on the clothes and papers et cetera inside so I went to close it but one of the zippers came aloose, and so I had to fix it and then close it before the spiders got out.

I hoped that none of the spiders had gotten out, I wondered what other insects might be inside and outside of it, and I wondered if there was anywhere else I could put it to avoid some getting inside the house.

I hoped that someone would come and pick it up tomorrow or sooner, but I woke up as I thought about this.

The end,

-John Jr

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