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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I decided to do a little experiment and walk around semi-outdoor and indoor areas wearing a replica of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or just the generic Big Gold Belt.

I remember walking around wearing the championship belt as people would stare, some thought that it was real and that I was really the champion, some thought that at first and then realized that it was fake, some people did not notice or care, et cetera.

At some point I reached a dimly lit area where a lot of people were hanging out, and some people stopped to ask me about the belt and myself; and I told them about my experiment et cetera.

In this area was a tall set of stairs and/or you could climb up to another area, and at some point I walked up or climbed up that to reach a higher area that took me to a different part of this building that seemed to be a school.

There were many hallways and somehow I got into a water fight with some people using water guns and other water weapons, it was pretty fun, and at some point I hid along the corner of a small hallway by some classrooms waiting to ambush the other people participating in the water fight.

I heard people approaching so I waited until they got close and I jumped around the corner but it was a group of students and parents et cetera on a tour of the school it seemed, and so I put my water gun away and I joined their tour.

My female coworker JB, her husband Mr. BB, and maybe their kids were among the tour group so I greeted them and I started talking to JB as we walked along the tour.

The tour group entered a classroom near where I had been hiding and we sat at the desks in the classroom, JB sat at a desk on the row directly to the right side of me, and so we continued talking.

JB was talking about education and how she felt that things should be taught in a way that was not specific to just one culture et cetera and instead was taught in a more universal way, and she gave some examples.

JB also started talking about and using some examples of some kind of new futuristic slang/dialect/accent/way of speaking English, it was short and quick and hard to understand, and it sounded funny which made me laugh and smile as I tried to figure out what she was saying.

JB had her usual unique personality that I like and she was presenting some very intelligent points and she was really into the conversation like she was very passionate about this issue, and so it was a great experience getting to talk to her especially since I did not get to say goodbye to most of my coworkers in the real world Thursday and our library is under an emergency closure until at least some time next month thanks to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is now in our area.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream started at a fictional version of The BP Library and I was in a small fictional version of The IT Department working with my coworker Mr. JM and our supervisor Mrs. JR, and the work day was almost over.

I was at a computer working on something work-related, I also had one or more emails at my work email address from Mona Wales and/or Alexis Silver to my surprise and confusion, and I think that they were both fighting over me because they both wanted to date me or something.

I was trying to finish whatever I was working on while reading their emails and trying to figure out what to do about that situation, how to best resolve their dispute and if I had to choose which of them to go on a date with or to date or whatever which of them should I choose, while I was also talking to Mr. JM and Mrs. JR.

So it was a rushed and somewhat stressful multi-tasking session like my last day of work on Thursday where I also did not have time which also led to me not getting a chance to say goodbye to most of my coworkers which is still bothering me.

Mrs. JR left first, then Mr. JM, and then I went to go clock out at a time clock that was in the main area.

Like our room the library itself was small, I saw some patrons standing outside the main entrance of glass doors/walls talking, and behind the long front desks on the wall was a time clock that I needed to clock out on.

It was almost time to close but it was not time yet, I went to the time clock to make sure that I could clock out, but something was wrong and a male patron with dark-color skin walked over to me asking what was wrong and I told him that the time clock was not working correctly and that I needed to figure out how to get in work because it was almost time for me to clock out.

To the left of us was a window, apparently we were on an upper floor because I could see down below where there was a tiny parking lot and an area that seemed to be a fictional version of the yard of The E House, and my male cousin ME was down there near a fictional brick storage building or barn that belonged to my mom’s side of the family.

For whatever reason we climbed out of the window and we went down to my cousin ME, maybe he was having automobile problems or something that we helped him with, and then I remember us noticing a hole in the wall of the brick building.

ME grabbed a large brick that was on the ground and threw it up on the hole to see if he could fill it, but it was not big enough and it fell back down; and so I recommended that we measure the hole later and get a large enough brick and properly rebrick(?) or attach it to that area with concrete or whatever.

I then rushed to get back up through the window to try to clock out, the time clock gave me trouble, but I managed to get it working and the time was past my clock out time by a few minutes so I had to set my clock out time back; and that worked, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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