Sayyadina John Jr?

The Fremen of Dune | Deep Exploration | Arabic Origins

My last two dreams were inspired by me watching some videos from a YouTube playlist called Dune by the YouTube channel Quinn’s Ideas:

Ultimate Guide To Dune (Part 1) The Introduction

Dream 1

I think that this dream involved work and some of my coworkers at The BP Library or me thinking about work and some of my coworkers at The BP Library, and maybe the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned and/or thought of during the dream as well; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I were inside a fictional multi-story building, and at some point we were on an upper floor that looked like a slightly fictional version of the second floor of The E House.

I remember us exploring the floor, including the bedroom that my grandmother DE and my grandfather CE used to use, and there was something that I can not remember involving maybe me trying to find my clogs.

At some point I went to explore the bathroom or the other bedroom.

The next thing that I remember is something involving The Emperor, I assume The Padishah Emperor, and so I assume that the dream was now taking place in a fictional version of the Dune universe.

A male friend of the next in line to inherit the throne, who was also a male, was talking to his friend who was the next in line to inherit the throne.

Most people felt that the future emperor should be the current emperor, they felt that he would be a much better emperor than the current emperor who they felt was weak and was just not a good emperor, and the friend was telling the future emperor about how he was about to leave for military basic training.

As they were talking a group of people from the royal court arrived telling the future emperor that they were here to pick him up and take him to start his emperor training immediately, which probably started with military basic training, and so the future emperor and his friend left with them.

There was a tradition that future emperors had to go through emperor training to hopefully prepare them, those who failed would not be able to become emperor, and I assume that the emperor training probably involved military/political/economic/educational/et cetera training.

The dream jumped to the future after the future emperor had just finished his training, he was informed that the current emperor had just died under unusual/suspicious circumstances and timing (since the future emperor was just finishing his training) but possibly natural causes, and so he was now the new emperor.

People were much happier with the new emperor and as predicted he was a much better emperor, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on maybe the planet Arrakis, I am not sure if I was myself or if I was someone else, and I was trying to gain entry into/visit a Fremen sietch.

The Fremen guarding the entrance did not know me and they considered me an outsider, and so they were probably going to try to kill me and take my water or arrest me and try to ransom me or enslave me or something like that.

I told them that I was a Sayyadina, they did not believe me because Sayyadinas are almost always women, and so I told them that it was true; and that it can happen under very rare and extreme circumstances.

I told them that the sietch that I was at had an emergency situation where there were no women at the time who were prepared enough to take the role of Sayyadina.

I was the only other person who the previous Sayyadina had given enough training to because she predicted that something bad was possibly going to happen at our sietch, and she felt that I was the best person to succeed her at the time.

In my false memories our previous Sayyadina was an old Fremen woman with the usual Eyes Of Ibad which most or all Fremen have, I had memories of her teaching me various things trying to prepare me in case she died and the sietch needed a new Sayyadina (at least temporarily, but maybe permanently but I am not sure), and she seemed to see potential in me and that maybe I could survive The Water Of Life (which almost no men can survive).

The Fremen guarding the entrance to their sietch did not believe me so I told them to go verify it for themselves, one of them walked back to their sietch to verify this, and eventually he came back saying that I was telling the truth and that I also knew The Emperor (The Padishah Emperor I assume).

They apologized to me, I accepted their apology, and they said that I was welcome to enter/visit their sietch; and that there was going to be a celebration to welcome me for I guess being one of the few men (if any) to ever survive becoming a Sayyadina and I assume to survive drinking The Water Of Life.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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