Faye Valentine And Mystical Gambling?

Source: Fandom

I had more dreams but I did not record them and this dream was much longer, but I have forgotten most of it.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that the dream possibly took place in a slightly fictional version of The city of D, there was a fictional version of The BP Alternative School that had some fictional structures and buildings and a walkway behind it, and I walked through the back walkway and buildings a few times in the dream.

During one or two of those times my dad was there, there was an old woman with white/gray hair he knew who worked there, and I got to see them talking near the walkway both times.

When walking through one of the small buildings back there two maybe Chinese or Japanese men and a tiny child-like entity would appear trying to get you to play some kind of mystical-like maybe gambling-like game that was played with some pieces in a fancy box that looked like it contained some Chinese medicine ball-like pieces and maybe a dice and maybe something else, and you had to pay to play I believe.

I was not sure if they were ghosts, magical, unknown entities, or if they were just some humans using some kind of magic trick; but the tiny child-like entity did not seem human to me, and it was probably only about the height of the little box that the game pieces were in and maybe it could float and fly.

The child-like entity seemed more like some kind of fairy-like entity that was how I would probably imagine a Chinese or Japanese fairy-like entity would look like from their cultural myths.

Anyway, at the end of the dream I went to a slightly fictional version of The C Elementary School where an event was taking place, but I went along some back areas to avoid being seen.

I met an old man with light-color skin with long gray/white hair who looked like the stereotype of a hippie who was also using the back areas to avoid being seen I assume, but a boy with light-color skin who was a student say us and went to report us.

Another boy who was a student helped us escape out the back of the building, and he gave us a ride in an automobile that he could barely drive because he was a little kid.

The boy drove us to the back of The BP Alternative School, we thanked him, and he drove back to The C Elementary School; and the old man went his separate way.

My parents were by the walkway talking to someone my dad knew, instead of the old woman it was either a new version of her dream character or another dream character, and this person younger and male but was a bit androgynous.

He had gray or white hair that was medium length in an unique hairstyle, he spoke in a slow and soothing musical tone with a soft voice, and he was a musician who worked for a famous male musician.

He lived in one of the structures or buildings and I guess ate at the school and did his work at the school, they allowed this, and he told us that he made and/or wrote most of the music for the famous male musician.

My mom asked him if he was paid for his work, this question caused his entire mood to change and he did not like this question at all, we learned that he was not paid and that he worked for free all of these years; and so I guess he was lucky that the school allowed him to live there, eat there, do his free work there, et cetera.

He was proud of his work even though he was not really acknowledged for it, to me it seemed that the famous musician was using him all of these years, but he did not see it and felt that he was very important to the famous musician.

He got angry in his facial expressions, he stopped talking and my mom apologized and let him know that she meant no offense by her question, but that was not working; and his anger was building like he was going to attack my mom or something, and so after apologizing several times she warned him and he walked away angry but somewhat calmer once her warning snapped him back to reality because I would have snapped him back to reality real quick if he had made a wrong move.

My parents left and then I walked along the sidewalk and through the small buildings, the character Faye Valentine from the anime TV show Cowboy Bebop happened to be walking this way as well, but I can not remember if she was animated or not (I assume that she was, but everything else was not animated and was live action).

We walked through the building where the mystical Chinese or Japanese men and child entity would appear, they appeared out of nowhere as usual, and they tried to get us to play their game but I politely declined but Faye accepted because she likes to gamble even though she usually loses.

As usual Faye kept losing until she was probably in debit, and then I guess she had to work off the debt by working for them in place of the child-like entity it seemed because I did not see it anymore at this point.

Faye could not get the game to work, at some point a random man walking by showed her that there was an On button under the box that the game pieces came in, and once she turned the button to On the game started working so it was technology/natural and not magic or paranormal or supernatural it seemed.

Now that the game was working Faye started to get many customers and she was making more money than they had before, and she seemed to be enjoying this.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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