JB Ignoring Me?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D.

I met someone with light-color skin, I can not remember who or if they were male or female, and they invited me over to their house or somewhere.

I remember driving on the outskirts of the city of D like you are going to the city of M, probably before you leave the city was a fictional area on the left side of the street, and I drove and parked there and I went to visit them at their house or building.

While I was there I got to meet some of their family members who were slowly showing up like young cousins who were kids, several aunts (one of which was an older woman with light-color skin wearing a long skirt and seemed to possibly be Pentecostal), and more.

I remember sitting and talking with them, they treated me very nicely and like they knew me or like I was family, and I remember two of their little cousins (a girl and a boy with light-color skin, and the girl had long yellow hair) running over to me and climbing up to sit on my legs at one point.

After this very positive visit with them and their family members I was invited to a party or something that they were going to have very soon, I thanked them and I accepted the invitation, and I left.

The next thing that I remember is that it was the day of the party or whatever, and so I drove to the location which seemed to be about the same location from earlier or close to there.

I got there early, I parked in the parking lot, and this area seemed to be a small office building that that shared a walkway with and was connected to a multi-purpose building where the party was to take place that was connected to maybe a small shopping mall or shopping center that was separated by another walkway and some steps.

I had invited my former male classmate DH, I can not remember if he arrived right after I did or if he had rode there with me, and I remember us getting out and walking toward the entrance of the building where the party was to take place.

DH needed to use the bathroom or something first, and so he walked into the mall-like area to go find a bathroom while I waited outside the entrance of the other building.

As I waited some other people were arriving for the party, I looked up at some point to see what looked like my female coworker JB walking by me, and so I said hello to her and as I was saying that I noticed that maybe two other coworkers of ours were with her so after saying “hello JB” I said: “and hello my other coworkers”.

But JB did not look at me or respond like I was not even there or like she was possibly intentionally ignoring me because maybe her facial expression changed to a cold one as she entered the building, it seemed that she should have heard me, and it seemed that maybe she had just ignored me to my surprise and confusion and disappointment.

Our emergency closure from our jobs at The BP Library because of The Coronavirus (COVID-19) was still going on like in real life in this dream so I had not seen them until now so it was good and surprising to see them, but possibly being ignored like this started to bother me.

There was a small chance that JB did not hear or notice me as they were possibly distracted by talking to each other or something, so I tried not to jump to conclusions, but I did start to wonder why.

I stood outside thinking about this as I waited for DH to return, I wondered what was taking him so long, and I remember seeing a group of people with medium-to-dark color skin wearing matching T-shirts who were gathering at the mall-like area like they were about to go to their own party or event or meeting in that building.

While I was distracted by them in the corner of my eye I saw JB quickly exit the building like she was going to get something from her automobile, I was not able to turn around in time to try to greet her again, and so I decided to wait until she returned.

Some other people arrived for the party like maybe my coworker Mrs. MB who is our branch manger, she probably responded when I greeted her, and she went inside; but I could be wrong.

JB walked back from her automobile to enter the building again, I once again greeted her, and she quickly entered the building without looking in my direction or responding like I was not there at all this time; and so it seemed even more clear that she was possibly ignoring me.

This bothered me and I wondered why, I decided that I would try again at least one more time later during a time where there would be no doubt that she saw and heard me, and if she did not respond the third time then I would assume that I was correct about her ignoring me.

I tried to not let this bother me, I started to try to accept this and that maybe this would become the new normal, and while I was trying to deal with this I was starting to get annoyed that DH was taking so long and was holding me up from the party.

I started to wonder if DH had left or something like maybe he had not wanted to attend the party and had changed his mind, and left without telling me like he did once back in college when we went to watch a movie; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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