Red (Orange) Dirt | A Fight & Snoop Dogg

Dream 1

This dream was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video called SOLO CAMPING ⛺ Overnight With No Tent In The Woods | TRAVEL by the YouTube channel Amarna Miller.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during one or more nice days in my parents yard, on the side of the yard where the dogs should be I had set up an area to camp out and hang out, and throughout the dream I spent time outside relaxing and camping and enjoying the outdoors et cetera across one or more days.

I possibly did not have a tent and I possibly slept outside as well, but I can not remember; and one or more people were in the yard at various points in the dream like maybe one or more of my brothers.

Throughout the dream there was an unknown strange man with medium-color skin who always wore a mask who would walk into our yard sometimes looking around in a strange way and then he would leave, I assume that he lived somewhere in the neighborhood, it was strange but he never caused any problems so we never made him leave.

The masked man would never say anything to us, he would just walk around looking at plants and things oddly, and then he would leave.

At some point in the dream I was relaxing outside in the yard, it was a nice day and I was having a very relaxed time, and someone else was in the yard with me (maybe one of my brothers).

The masked man walked into the yard looking around, I was curious to find out who he was and to say something to him this time because I had no idea who he was or why he would walk into our yard, and so I watched him as he walked around our yard.

At some point he walked across the yard and behind our automobiles, and so I walked over to see what he was doing.

The masked man was looking at red (orange) dirt (ultisol or red clay soil) that was along the fence line, I greeted him and I asked him if he was looking for something, and to my surprise he took off his mask and he looked somewhat like my former male classmate JB but I was not sure if that was him or not.

The man wanted to buy some red (orange) dirt from our yard, and he asked me how much would we charge for it.

This surprised and confused me, I asked him how much of the dirt did he need, and he said one hundred pounds or more than that.

I told him that I would have to ask my parents because this was their yard, they were gone somewhere so I told him that I would have to call them or wait until they get back, and so I took out my mobile phone to contact my parents but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place inside a building, the forgotten parts of the dream took place outside and maybe inside this building and some others, and I remember walking through the building.

I was possibly filming and taking photographs as I walked around through the building, and as I was walking through a crowded part of the building where people were somewhat partying and hanging out I saw Snoop Dogg among them.

As I was walking through a small kitchen-like area behind that area a fight broke out among some men and women with light-color skin, Snoop Dogg moved out of the way to avoid the fight, and since I was filming and taking photographs as I walked through the area I happened to catch part of the fight on video and in some photographs by accident.

It was a short stop and go fight, there was some arguing, and a few punches thrown then they would stop as they moved to new areas.

During the brief fight a woman hit a man, a man hit a woman, a man hit a man, et cetera; it seemed to be a family fight, but it quickly ended after they got tired or something.

After walking through that area I remember looking at the video and photographs that I took, I noticed that I had captured part of the fight and Snoop Dogg moving away from the fight, and maybe someone else had posted their own video and images online.

There was something that happened that I can not remember where for some unknown reason I started to think that maybe I had somehow indirectly caused that fight to happen, but I can not remember the details.

In one of the videos or photographs I noticed that my former female schoolmate / classmate JC who is the sister of my former male classmate JC was in one of the video clips and/or photographs, and then I saw her walking through the hallway that I was walking through so I greeted her and I showed her the video clip and/or photograph.

I somewhat jokingly told JC that she was part of history now, we both laughed, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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