Almost Getting In A Fight

The end of this dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D or a fictional city, and I was walking with my brother GC on our way back to a fictional apartment house where I assume that we lived with the rest of our family.

I remember walking and talking along a sidewalk on the left side of a road as we were making our left turn through the area behind the apartment houses, there was a mobile home by the street with three men with light-color skin sitting on top of the roof, and maybe I waved at them and said hello and I kept walking.

Suddenly one of them, who had glasses, attacked me from behind (maybe just a push, but I can not remember); and so I turned to defend myself and see what was going on.

He backed away and him and his friends were saying some racist stuff and taunting me / us for no reason, the two friends were still sitting on the roof, but their friend must have assumed that they had his back because he was trying to instigate a fight with me it seemed.

I was confused by all of this and by the various insults and taunts that they were saying, and I had no idea who they were or why they were doing this.

They mostly seemed smart enough to realize that they probably could not beat me in a fight, and they definitely would not win if my brother GC helped me even though they had us outnumbered; and so they mostly verbally attacked me / us from a safe distance.

The man who pushed or attacked me from behind was the boldest though, we almost started fighting even though I was trying to avoid that by having my brother GC stay back and out of it, and I was trying to verbally deescalate things; but if the man had tried to attack me again he was done.

My dad walked outside, and he helped deescalate things further which helped save the man from getting knocked out.

I guess the man started to think that me trying to avoid a fight was a sign of weakness, so I guess that made him feel that he could keep pushing things further thinking that I would not fight back, not realizing how close he was to getting the fight that he seemed to want and how it was not going to go well for him if that happened because at that point I was going to fight if he touched me again; and I was angry / annoyed at this point, and I was ready to fight at this point if necessary.

Mrs. T who works at Sherwin-Williams and her family lived on the bottom floor of the apartment house that we lived in, and they walked outside, her children started playing, and I walked to the porch on the top of the apartment house were my family lived above their area so that I could try to calm down and ignore the three men.

I started ignoring the three men who were still talking noise from a safe distance because they were scared I guess, I then greeted Mrs. T, and I watched as the kids play and I looked around at the nice environment outside as I started to calm down again while still keeping an eye on the three men who were somewhat hiding while still trash talking because I was not sure if they had any weapons or not.

I assumed that if they were as cowardly as they seemed that they would probably have at least one gun and /or another weapon on them because they probably could not fight well in hand-to-hand combat, or they might go get some weapons.

Things got quieter though once the three men left or went inside the mobile home, and the dream returned to being more positive as I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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