People Waiting For Gas And A Fuji House

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that work was starting back again at The BP Library, and so I remember going to work at a larger fictional version of The BP Library.

I saw various coworkers talking with each other in different parts of the building like my coworker Mr. CF and my female coworker KE, I possibly greeted them, and I remember greeting my female coworker JB several times throughout the dream when I saw her in different parts of the building but she never responded to me each time that I greeted her.

The last time that I tried to greet JB was when I entered a fictional movie theater room, there were various people who I did not recognize sitting in there watching a video or something on the big screen, and JB was the only person I recognized there so I walked over to greet her and ask her what was going on and what were they watching and if we all had to watch this video.

JB was on the right side sitting down slouched forward or backward looking super bored somewhat near the front, but once again she did not respond to me and it was like I did not even exist because she did not even look in my direction or react at all to my greeting or questions.

I was a bit confused that JB had not responded to me throughout this dream at all, and I was especially amazed with the last time where it was like I did not exist to her at all which I thought was impressive because I probably could not do something like that and it almost made me wonder if I was really dead or something. 😀

I seemed to have arrived at work later than everyone else because of my work hours, and so I had no idea what was going on which is why I was walking around trying to find out.

Suddenly a fictional female coworker with light-color skin with orange or red hair walked in the room walking along the aisle to my left toward the front, and so I turned to my left to ask her since JB did not respond.

This fictional coworker told me that she had just gotten to work too so she did not know either, but she assumed that we all had to watch the video; and so maybe we were going to sit down and watch it too, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream started during the day along what looked like MLK Street in the city of D in front of the C Elementary School, and I was waiting in in a line of automobiles as we waited to get some gas (gasoline) from a man who had something setup to give out gasoline like people were desperate for gas like maybe things had gotten even worse during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or something.

At some point a man showed up with several prototype electric vehicles, he asked me to drive one of them which was an electric sports car, and so I remember driving it.

The man over the gas line decided to move to a new location, and so we followed him and I used the prototype electric sports car which makes no sense because my automobile is gas powered but that one was not so I should have taken my automobile instead. 😀

A woman with light-color skin with maybe long yellow hair possibly drove one of the other prototype electric vehicles, and I remember us following the gas man across various nearby terrains.

This makes no sense but we drove across a field that was connected to several different types of terrains with different weather conditions and times of day and climates like: one lower area was snowing and rocky and slightly darker, another was dry orange/red dirt/rock mountain-like but mountain less terrain that was brighter, and later a sunken area where it was dark like it was night.

We parked in the field and I remember us glancing at and walking partly to the slightly lower snowy rocky terrain first, but I sensed danger so I recommended that we not go any further unless the gas man decides to set up down there.

I climbed back up to the field, I found a piece of wood and I remember throwing it for some unknown reason, and it went further than I had expected so I could not see where it fell but I knew the direction.

I guess the gas man went in that direction to set up so I remember walking in that direction, and the woman who drove the other electric vehicle went that way too.

I saw an area on the ground ahead that looked like something had fallen out of the sky and slid across the ground damaging it making a small trail, and at the end of it was the piece of wood that I had thrown.

I wondered how did the wood go that far and if it had somehow hit the ground hard enough to slide and damage the ground like that, that made no sense unless I had super strength, and so I assumed that something else had probably done that to the ground and that by chance the wood that I threw had fallen perfectly there like it had caused that damage.

As I walked over to the wood that is when I noticed a ledge and the dark terrain below, it was night there and it was so dark that I had to use the LED flash (flashlight) on my mobile phone to see the ledge et cetera, and I had to warn the woman who had walked this way too because she almost walked over the ledge because it was so dark.

I was confused by how it could be night there but day on the field, the woman and I decided to explore along the edge past a tree and some bushes near the edge, and after we passed the tree I noticed a short thick snake that looked poisonous and was mostly brown with maybe another darker color with maybe diamond or viper-like head that reminded me of a short stubby cottonmouth / water moccasin.

The snake was by the tree and so I warned the woman about it and that we probably should not go any further because it was too dark and I felt that it was too dangerous, and so we turned around to return to the field carefully avoiding the snake.

The next thing that I remember feels like a bonus scene to this dream, I am not sure if it was part of this dream or if it was another dream, either way I remember returning to my parents house during the day.

I remember being outside the back of the house where the weight bench and weights should be, I looked up at the edges of the roof to see an ant pile to my surprise and confusion and shock, and I saw that the edge of the roof were rotten and disconnected leaving a gap that allowed the ants room I guess.

I then noticed part of the roof swaying with the wind, since the edges were disconnected and rotten it moved, and I feared that the roof was at risk of collapsing and that ants were in the attic and could get in the rest of the house; and so I was going to warn my parents.

I then had a false memory reminding me that connected to my parents house was a small addition called a Fuji House and that I had not been inside of it in a while, and so I went inside the Fuji House.

It was a small one room or one-room-like house, it possibly had several small hidden rooms, and it had a traditional Japanese style with minimal traditional Japanese furniture so things were on the ground and very clean and uncluttered and nice.

The floor was tan and maybe bamboo, the doors were sliding wood doors with those traditional paper-like windows, and I thought that this was cool and nice and I wondered why was I not using this as a house; and why had I not been inside of it in a while.

This all distracted me and I wanted to start using this as my house, I decided to explore it first, and then I would go warn my parents about the roof; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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