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MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM Official Trailer (HD) Taylor Hickson
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Most of my dreams last night were inspired by me watching the first episode (A Biddy’s Life) of the TV show Motherland: Fort Salem before I went to sleep.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on a train and / or in a house / building, and a group like The Spree or maybe it was The Spree from the TV show Motherland: Fort Salem seemed to be targeting most of my family and I.

My family and I probably had powers / magic like maybe we were witches / warlocks or something, maybe The Spree were trying to force us to join them or take our powers / magic or kill us, but I am not sure.

There were possibly other people there when the attack started, but I can not remember.

I do not remember seeing any of the members of The Spree, but I do remember seeing their magic as my family and I ran to avoid it.

I remember The Spree trying to trap us with their magic, we kept trying to find a way out of the building, and we possibly used some magic to defend and break through their magic.

At some point we were trapped in a hallway by a magical barrier, I remember it being clear and hard, and I possibly used my magic to create my own barrier to keep The Spree out as we tried to find our way past their magic barrier; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was a pretty detailed and long dream that I can only remember part of, and at some point in the dream I was at a mall / college / theme park-like place; and at some point I had a backpack on as I shopped.

There were rumors that The Spree were going to do a terrorist attack in the city.

I was with some other people, possibly a few coworkers and some other people, and at some point I remember us shopping in a Walmart-like area.

At some point a well-dressed woman with light-color skin wearing maybe business or semi-business clothing walked up to me, took me by the arm, and she started walking me around talking to me like she was my girlfriend or wife.

I was not sure if this was an act or if she was really my girlfriend or wife because I did not know who she was, and I wondered why did I not really have memories of her other than some slowly growing feelings that I knew her and that maybe this was not an act.

She was told me something that I can not remember, and she possibly reminded me that she was my girlfriend or wife; but I can not remember.

I think she wanted to go to a certain area, and she possibly mentioned something involving Samantha Brown and / or one or more of her TV shows.

We probably mentioned how we liked some of her TV shows, and maybe Samantha Brown was supposed to be somewhere in the building filming an episode of one of her travel TV shows.

At some point either we got separated or she changed into something else, I am not sure which, but I do remember now carrying or walking with a small female animal or female toy who could talk which makes no sense.

The small female animal or toy stopped to pick out donuts and desserts in one area, she was excited about this, and a man with medium or dark-color skin with his young son stopped and made some jokes about this

The next thing that I remember is that I got lost and separated from the others, and I remember seeing a woman with dark-color skin who reminded me of or was the character Lettie Mae Daniels from the TV show True Blood.

She had also gotten lost, and she got separated from a man with dark-color skin who she had been shopping with earlier; and the man was looking for her as I was trying to find my way out the building.

I remember the man receiving a mobile phone call from the woman, she sounded loud and unstable, and like she was stealing his car while driving away recklessly from the sound of it.

The man started rushing to get out the building to the parking lot, and so I followed him because he seemed to know the way outside.

The woman really did steal his car, and she was driving away quickly as we went outside along a covered walkway.

I remember an old mafia connected man with light-skin walking outside with several people from maybe a casino / resort-like part of the building, and he started talking to me briefly.

He then had his bodyguard rough up another man or something as punishment for something I think, and then one of them who was bloody from the fight walked to the parking lot with a baseball bat; and he got in a fight with another man as a crowd gathered around.

They were hitting each other with baseball bats and slamming each other around, it was a bloody fight, and they seemed to be enjoying it; and it was like something from the movie Fight Club or something.

I decided to escape in the other direction to go around the building outside through the college and the theme park-like area because I knew the police et cetera would probably show up soon, and I sensed danger like I sense that The Spree were about to attack.

A police helicopter flew over me, fortunately the bushes and building hid me, and they were going toward the fight warning them over a loud speaker; and they had a sniper who fired warning shots, and they yelled for the crowd to stay where they were et cetera.

I reached the college / theme park area outside, there were lots of people and small buildings et cetera for the different themed parks, and I wanted to find a private area in a building to check my backpack for anything that I would not want the police to see like weapons et cetera.

If I did find anything like that in my backpack, I planned on putting them in a trash can, because I was afraid that the police would search me and falsely think that I was working for The Spree.

As I was walking toward alley that had a playground / tea cup ride that was like the Disney Mad Tea Party ride, strange music started playing, and something took control of the lights et cetera.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and a strange voice started talking over the intercom system, and I knew that The Spree attack was happening now; and I rushed through the tea cup ride / playground alley trying to escape along with some other people.

I guess The Spree used their magic to stop us because I lost consciousness and / or lost time or something because the next thing that I remember is that I was standing in the middle of the tea cup ride with some other people, and I had no memory of what had just happened and how much time had passed.

It seemed that The Spree were mind controlling us or something, something seemed to be influencing me to check my backpack, and so I did.

Inside my backpack was a strange outfit and some objects that I did not recognize like maybe The Spree had put them there when they had used their magic to make us lose consciousness or whatever.

I then assumed that they were going to mind control us into putting on the outfits and kill each other with weapons and other objects that they probably left around, and so I was going to try to escape or see if I had magic or something that I could use to stop them.

There is a chance that I somewhat remembered how I had magic in the first dream, but I am not sure; and I woke up.

Dream 3

This was really several short dreams where The Spree were the main focus of the dreams, but during the last dream it seemed to have blended with elements of the TV show Westworld (Season 3) that I watched an episode of the other day.

The last dream took place inside a mall, and I remember walking around trying to find members of The Spree who I assumed were hiding and operating inside this building so that I could hopefully stop them I assume.

As I walked around past various businesses I remember noticing one tech business that was owned by a man with light-color skin wearing a baseball hat and T-shirt who looked a bit like a younger Fred Durst, and he was supposedly the owner of a large tech company.

Most of the walls and doors to each business were glass, so I could easily see inside them from the outside as I walked by, and I noticed that he was talking or flirting with what looked like Mona Wales who I assumed was his girlfriend.

I then noticed that one of his bodyguards was the character Martin Connells from the TV show Westworld (Season 3), and then I wondered if the character Dolores Abernathy had joined forces with The Spree or if she was just doing her own thing by replacing some people with hosts (android) clones as part of her revolution or whatever.

I then noticed another business and I saw what looked like maybe Mona Wales and Martin Connells again, but with different hairstyles and clothing; and so I assumed that they had been replaced with host (android) clones, and that my assumptions were correct.

I still was not sure if Dolores and The Spree had joined forces or not, if so things were bad, but I woke up as I continued walking around trying to investigate.

Dream 4

This dream started during the day, most of my family and I went to see a nice multi-story house that looked like it had been designed by an artist that was for sale, and it was in a nice neighborhood.

The house was built on rock or something by a lake or body of water, and it had a dock / balcony / whatever on the second floor and bottom floor I assume.

The house was being sold for a low price surprisingly, and so my family bought it.

It was like an art house / museum with tall ceilings and unique architecture with lots of curved glass with nice views of the outside, and you could see the side street along the side of the building as you walked up the stairs to the second floor.

I remember some college aged people being with us throughout the different days and weeks and months that the dream took place, I remember them messing around with the dock / balcony, and they messed up something.

Then I remember it collapsing as the brick foundation broke in half, and so we had to have someone come out to check it and decide how or if it could be rebuilt.

The land / rock below was possibly unstable it seemed so there was a risk of the house collapsing too, I assume that is why they sold the house so cheap without warning us, and so we were not sure what we were going to do because it would probably cost too much.

Also, during the spring and summer the lake or body of water was very popular, and so many people would be there making a lot of noise swimming and boating et cetera which was annoying.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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