ME’s Indoor Land (Limbo) | CE’s Family Gathering

Dream 1

This was a unique dream that ended up not being so positive, and I was somewhat trapped and stuck in it.

I only remember part of the end of the dream where I was traveling with my parents, my brother GC, and at least my brother TDC.

It was day and I remember us finding a field that was next to a road with a few small neighborhoods nearby, and this area felt like it was on the outskirts of a city.

We were greeted by my male cousin ME, my aunt ME’s son, and maybe he walked us to a room inside a building across from the field.

ME told us that we were trespassing on his indoor land, he said that he had the world record for largest indoor land, and so it seemed that even though this seemed like it was outside it was actually an entire land that was inside a building or spaceship or something; and this confused me because it seemed to have a sky and had felt like we were really outside, and it was so large.

We told ME that we had no idea that it was his or that we were trespassing, we apologized, and we told him that we were traveling and had stopped to see it.

ME did not care and was going to punish us anyway, he told us that I guess he would punish people by trapping them in his indoor land or something like that, and maybe he said that time functions differently in the indoor land so different parts could be in different time zones and could possibly be hours and days and weeks and months and years different from each other.

ME was acting like a villain to my surprise, he locked us in his indoor land I guess, and we did not see him after that.

He locked us in the indoor land one-at-a-time with my dad first, my brother GC second, and then the rest of us.

When I got there I found my dad’s truck on side of a smaller street past the main street by the field, and it was across the street from a small one-story house.

I remember calling out for my dad but I did not see or hear him or anyone, as I walked around it seemed that time did function differently as you moved around different areas, even areas not far from each other.

I remember finding my mom and my brother TDC, neither of them had seen my dad or my brother GC, we tried to look for them, but we would get separated by the different time zones or whatever.

I suggested that they stay together so that we would not get separated, that they would look for or wait for my dad by his truck, and I would go out through the different time zones through the days and weeks and months and years to find my brother GC.

I remember doing this, I was afraid that my dad and / or my brother GC might get lost and trapped here until they died, and I feared that possibly had already happened because of how time functioned differently.

I was going to risk my life and search for them until I found them, I remember time jumping around so confusingly that I was not sure how much time had passed, it felt like I was trapped for years.

I would sometimes check on my mom and my brother TDC, they eventually found my dad who they said had been in the house across from his truck all that time, but there was still no sign of my brother GC.

I told them to either escape together or wait together, and I left to keep searching for my brother GC no matter how long it took.

It was like getting trapped in limbo from the movie Inception but worse with the strange way time functioned, I was not sure if my cousin ME was somehow controlling his indoor land to do this or if this was just some kind of natural thing that happened when you had land or an entire world trapped inside wherever he had it trapped or stored, and I possibly grew a long beard as time passed as I searched for my brother GC with no sign of him.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to be a continuation of the previous dream possibly.

I guess my family and I had all found each other now, and I guess we had escaped my cousin ME’s indoor land I assume; but I could be wrong because things still looked the same.

We were by the road on the other side of it from the field, we were going to leave in my automobile, but my male cousin CE was driving by and saw us and stopped to greet us.

CE invited us to his house, some of my family rode with him, and the rest rode with me as I followed him to his house.

There were other automobiles there when we arrived to my surprise like a gathering was taking place, my brother GC and I carried in a large white heavy cooler, and CE’s wife greeted us at the door.

Inside the house were various family members from my mom’s side of the family, and so a family gathering was happening to my surprise because in this dream the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic seemed to be going on still.

I remember thinking that having gatherings like this was probably not recommended, people were spaced out a bit further than usual but still not at least six feet, and I heard some of my family members talking about COVID-19.

We were not sure where to put the cooler, so we asked someone, and they told us to put it in the kitchen on the floor by an island table; and so we did.

I possibly greeted a few family members, and then my dad walked me down a hallway to a bedroom to tell me something.

In the bedroom was maybe one of my cousin’s sitting on a bed with their back facing us, they were just sitting on the bed looking at the wall oddly, and my dad told me that he brought me here to tell me something where the other could not hear.

My dad said something that was harder for me to understand because he was trying to not talk too loudly, but it sounded like maybe he told / warned me that one of my female cousin’s started glowing (not literally) and eyeing me after I arrived and greeted some of my family.

I was not sure if that is what he said and having him repeat what he said would possibly cause someone to hear it, and so I just assumed that my translation was possibly correct; and I assumed or hoped that maybe my dad had just misunderstood my cousin’s reactions.

But I woke up as we walked back to the main area where the family gathering was taking place.

The end,

-John Jr

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