A College Break & Being Late For Class

I went to sleep on the living room couch waking up and going back to sleep from most of my dreams without recording them except for one dream, I then got in bed and I had more dreams, but I think that I must have had a dream where I recorded my dreams thinking that it was the real world.

I woke up with some memory of me recording some dreams several times, the fragments of the dreams kept popping up in my mind each time that I woke up and I went back to sleep before that, but later I realized that I had not recorded them; and so those dreams are lost now, but I know that I had formatted them in a certain order when recording them in those dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I was attending a nicer older more expensive-looking college than I usually have in my dreams.

At some point I had a break from classes, I remember walking outside away from the main building toward another building, and when I was in the field by the other building I saw my former male classmate DH.

I greeted DH, and we walked and talked briefly.

I told DH that I was about to get some lunch and that he was free to join me, and I decided that I would get lunch back at the college cafeteria in the main building that I had just left.

I remember us walking up to an upper area outside where other college students were sitting around eating, drinking, talking, et cetera during their lunch breaks.

I remember DH looking like he was a bit annoyed and had no interest in having lunch, and in the corner of my right eye I saw him moving further away slowly among the groups of people.

I got distracted by something for a moment, and when I looked back DH was gone.

I remember noticing a group of college students who seemed to be outsiders having their lunch together, I thought about joining them instead of eating alone, and that maybe I could actually make some friends.

I am not sure if I joined them or not, the next thing that I remember is walking to another building even further away from the building near where I met DH, and I remember walking through the inside of that building.

As I was walking down a hallway I saw my female coworker JB to my surprise, I greeted her expecting us to just greet each other and keep going our separate ways, but to my surprise she started talking to me briefly as we walked through the building.

We reached an area in the building where mostly people who spoke Spanish who seemed to mostly be from Mexico (Mexican) and from maybe a few other Spanish-speaking countries were selling food, drinks, and a few other things near food bars or a buffet of food.

We continued talking as we looked around for some food or something to buy, I noticed a man selling some food, and the sign was in English; and the sign said 2 For $6, that was too much for me, and when I looked back up JB was gone like DH had disappeared earlier.

I then saw a woman at one of the nearby food bars who I thought was JB, so I walked over to her to finish our conversation, but it was someone else.

I then saw another woman who I thought was JB, but it was another woman who looked more like Joanna Hausmann; and then I assumed that like maybe DH, maybe JB had walked / sneaked away without saying anything while I was distracted, and then I went back to shopping.

Then I saw my coworker Mrs. BJ and maybe one or two other coworkers at the food bars / buffet, Mrs. BJ greeted me, and we very briefly talked; and then I let her get back to getting her food.

I realized that it was time for me to get back to class at the college; and so I walked away to return to class.

I ended up getting lost inside the building, I went down a hallway where I could see glass walls / windows to the outside, and sitting near the glass was what looked like a balding male college professor with light-color skin wearing dress clothes talking on his mobile phone.

I heard him saying a few things like: “Now that he has dropped out the race, they have no chance, he is going to win again; they messed up their chance, they are giving the other side another win!”.

He did not say any names but I assumed that he was talking about Bernie Sanders dropping out of The 2020 United States presidential election, that President Donald Trump was probably going to win reelection now or would have a better chance now, and that the Democrats had made a mistake pushing for Joe Biden and would give the Republicans another win or a better chance of winning.

Oddly there was no door down this hallway, I saw some stairs going up, but I decided to walk back out of this hallway.

I saw an overweight young man with light-color skin with short black hair wearing glasses who I somehow knew was in the college band walking down a hallway, and so I followed him assuming that he was on his way to class and would know the way out of this building.

I was correct and I reached the outside of the building thanks to him, eventually I reached a complicated crosswalk or several crosswalks, and you had to cross them and several streets to get to the other side where the main college buildings were.

I made it to the other side, I was going to be late for class now after I looked at the time on my wristwatch (watch) to see that I was already late, but I woke up as I entered the building.

The end,

-John Jr

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