A Fairground / Amusement Park-Like Area

I had a lot of dreams that I woke up remembering several times but I did not record them because I did not want to, which is rare, and I did not want to type any dreams today which is even more rare; and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This was one of my earlier dreams that I did not record, I had many dreams after this, but somehow I still remembered part of this dream even though I did not want to.

All that I remember of this dream is that at the very end of the dream I was inside in an area that looked like the family room at The E House combined with maybe a tiny restaurant or something, but I can not remember.

I just remember walking into this room or building, to get some food to eat and / or to do something else where the table was or should be, and there were a few other people there.

I remember looking up and seeing my female coworker JB, I quickly greeted her, and I turned away to go back to what I was doing; but JB said something else to me to my surprise, and we started talking as we got our food or whatever.

I remember us talking as we walked to a couch at the end of the room against the wall where a window was right behind the couch with the couch facing the area where the food or whatever was along with the other people, we sat down on the couch still talking, and as I was looking down at my food or something JB leaned her head on my right shoulder catching me by surprise; and I immediately recoiled away quickly.

JB asked me what was wrong, and I only told her one of the reasons besides the more obvious reasons; and that one reason was that almost at that same moment I had felt something maybe touch the back of my neck like when you feel an insect crawling on you or a hair or something slightly move across your skin.

I checked but I did not see an insect or anything on me, so I was not sure what had caused that.

But I woke up as I turned my attention back to what had just happened as I stayed at a distance.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brothers TDC and KDC were little kids again, my mom would take them to a fictional fairground-like / carnival-like / amusement park-like area sometimes, and I would go with them sometimes.

There was a man who owned one of the booths who somewhat reminded me of the character Arataka Reigen from the anime TV show Mom Psycho 100, he did not look like him, and he was not animated, but he was a bit of a conman-like person taking advantage of / manipulating children and parents to make money.

He sold toys, candy, food, maybe drinks, he had one or more rides, and various games that people could pay to play.

He also had these toys and / or stuffed animals that somehow walked around like they were alive or like a small person was inside a costume, I was not sure which, but I was curious and confused by this.

He would sometimes have discounts and other specials to get people to visit his booth, during one of these my mom took my brothers TDC and KDC there, and while they were playing there I walked away to explore.

Somehow there was basically another world on the other side that looked like a fantasy area that looked a bit ancient Greek and ancient Middle Eastern, and there were humans and non-human entities and species there like maybe elves and several other unknown types.

Like in real life the middle of my upper back was hurting, at this point I was possibly no longer myself when I crossed over to this area it seems, and maybe I had long straight silver hair or something; and I was possibly not human or not completely human anymore, but I did not realize that I had changed yet.

There was a conflict between some different entities / species et cetera, and I remember walking along the ledge of a rocky area near a balcony area up above a body of water.

I reached an area by a balcony was so inclined that I was afraid that I would fall, my back was hurting, so I laid back against the rock afraid and too sore to move, and some other people and / or non-humans briefly joined me as something was going on (maybe a conflict between some non-humans).

They convinced me that it was safe enough for me to move, and so I did as I escaped this area to sneak behind some booths to avoid the conflict between some non-humans.

Maybe a female elf or some other kind of non-human grabbed me from behind, she commented about my hair and about me possibly being a certain species or type of non-human, she said the name but I can not remember the name.

She was not sure if I was part whatever that species was or not, she probably mentioned that species had special abilities, and she mentioned something to me about the conflict; and she gave me some advice.

She let me go, she probably wanted me to follow her or meet her somewhere because she wanted to have me tested to see what I was exactly, I forgot to mention that this area was darker than the area where my mom and my brothers TDC and KDC were.

But I woke up after accepting her offer because I was curious what I was as well.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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