CC Gets Seriously Injured | Zac Efron At A Party

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day, something was being filmed during part of this dream, but I can not remember the details.

I remember riding in an automobile with my mom on our way to what looked like a slightly fictional larger version of the Walmart in the city of D.

As we drove through the parking lot, we saw my brother CC fighting a man with light-color skin on the grass by the employee parking area that we used to park at, back when it was a place where anyone could park.

Once we got there to park it was too late, the fight was over and the man that my brother CC fought was on the ground not moving, and my brother CC was not moving.

My brother CC was seriously injured like weapons were used.

I saw damage to his head like maybe I saw some pieces of his brain, and his torso was seriously damaged where I saw maybe some pieces of internal organs.

It was not clear whether either of them was alive or not, it looked bad for my brother CC, but I am not sure about the man he had fought.

Perhaps he was dead, or he was just unconscious.

Some medical people were putting CC on a stretcher, and they rushed him inside as we tried to chase after them to catch up.

My mom and I were panicking a bit as we ran inside Walmart, we were not sure where they went, and some employees saw our panicked reactions.

They pointed in the direction where they went, we thanked them, we ran that way.

On the left side of a main aisle, we saw a tiny sitting area that was a waiting room next to a desk with a female employee sitting at it.

We asked her about my brother CC, and she said that he was being operated on now.

She had no information on his status, all we could do was wait in the waiting room, and there were only two chairs, with one on the far left & one on the far right.

My mom sat on the chair on the far right.

I walked to the other chair and I sat my mobile phone on it for a moment while I got up to do something else real quick.

Then an unstable woman with dark-color skin with curly black hair who was talking to herself sat on my phone when she took my seat.

Her butt possibly touched the screen because of whatever she was wearing or how she wore it.

I kept trying to tell her that she was sitting on my phone and that I needed to get it, but she was too busy talking to herself.

After several tries I finally got her attention, I got my phone, and then I found some hand sanitizer and a napkin that I used to clean my phone; and the woman was still talking to herself.

After making sure that my mom was okay, I went to walk around the store to try to get my mind off of things.

I remember seeing my former female classmate AW and her fictional husband or boyfriend shopping, and eventually I reached what looked like an outdoor area that was still somehow in the building.

A family with light-color skin (husband, wife, kids) and maybe the husband’s male friend or brother who also had light-color skin drove and parked a RV (recreational vehicle), and they got out to shop.

I was confused by how they got a vehicle inside the store, at some point they started getting back inside the RV to leave, they were parked in some mud.

I then noticed that the wife was under the RV oddly as the husband was trying to start the RV, and so I ran over yelling to warn him, but he was not responding; so I started hitting on the outside of the RV while yelling.

That was not working, so I told the wife to get from under there quickly, and fortunately she made it out just in time as her husband started the RV.

She started complaining to him as she entered the RV, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, the forgotten parts of the dream involved a family with light-color skin.

One of their sons was a strange, tall, thin, quiet young man who seemed like something was wrong with him and like he was probably dangerous.

Maybe they had a house or something that they were going to sell to my family or something, I can not remember the details.

I just remember at the end of the dream some of my family and I went to their house like we were moving in even though they had not moved out yet.

They lived in a fictional neighborhood that seemed to be on the right side of the highway, near where P’s Auto Clinic in the city of D should be.

I remember being in a bedroom that I assume was going to be my new bedroom.

I noticed a small hole in the floor where there was some dirt and a shoe buried in it oddly, I was confused by this, especially since the rest of the house seemed nice and the neighborhood; and I wondered what had happened there, and why had it not been fixed.

When I walked out into the hallway, the other family’s youngest children, teenagers and maybe younger, were having a party and their friends were there.

The oldest son, the strange and dangerous-looking one, walked past their party to have a meeting with some lawyers in another open room near a family room.

Zac Efron was arriving to the party to my surprise, I greeted him, and he greeted me back like maybe we knew each other.

Then he got swarmed by the young people at the party, who were excited and surprised to see him.

I heard someone jokingly tell him that one of his former agents from a fictional band, they said the name, I can not remember what it was, that he used to be in, was also at the party.

Zac joked that they should have told him that his former agent would be there.

I walked past the lawyer meeting or whatever it was, and I went to the family room.

The next thing that I remember is that almost everyone seemed to be gone or dead.

For some reason, I feared that the oldest son was possibly a werewolf, and maybe he had transformed and killed people while I was in the family room.

Zac was still alive and was leaving, I then saw the oldest son, and so I wondered if I had been wrong or not; but I woke up before I could investigate.

The end,

  • John Jr

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