Temporarily Being Roommates With Amarna Miller

This dream was a lot longer, more detailed, stranger, and interesting; but unfortunately I forgot most of it, but at least I managed to remember barely part of the end of it.

This dream probably mostly took place inside and outside one or more multipurpose buildings that were so multipurpose that they possibly contained: a college, mall, hotel, hostel, dorm, restaurants, various stores, maybe a hospital, and various other types of businesses et cetera.

Among the normal parts of the dream, there were strange things that happened throughout the dream sometimes, but unfortunately I can not remember those parts of the dream.

I was possibly about to attend college or something like that, but I could be wrong, unfortunately most of this dream is forgotten.

So the important details of the dream and my favorite parts of the dream are missing / forgotten.

I think that I was getting either a hotel room or hostel room or dorm room or something like that, and somehow Amarna Miller was my roommate temporarily for maybe a day or weekend.

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I am not sure how this happened because we did not arrive together, and we did not know each other; perhaps they only had one room left, and so we had to share it.

Likewise, I wish that I could remember the details of how this happened and the time that Amarna and I spent together.

I do not think that we got to spend that much time together during the dream, but I could be wrong.

I know that we spent some time in the room when we first got there.

Probably unloading our luggage while talking, maybe later when we returned for the night.

We probably talked and went to sleep, perhaps the next morning before leaving to shop / explore, and most of the rest of the time we spent shopping and exploring the building or buildings and maybe the city.

We probably got to eat together at least once, possibly breakfast.

But we probably kept getting separated throughout the dream somehow, and so that is probably why we did not get to spend as much time together as I would have liked.

I know that we kept meeting briefly in different places during different parts of the dream, and so we probably spent some brief time together at least three or four times during the dream.

During one of the times that we got separated, I remember traveling during the day to a part of the city that looked like the area across the street from the Southside BB’s Grocery Store in the city of D.

There was a small school there with a small outdoor stadium / sports field.

The school’s banner said something like: “Home Of America’s Cheerleaders” or something like that.

This school probably used to be or was where all or most cheerleaders in the country were trained, and / or it was considered the most prestigious cheerleader school or something like that in The United States.

In this dream I had a feeling and / or false memories that seemed to confirm that at least in the past, which possibly had only changed very recently, that the slogan / banner was true.

I even saw old 1940s or 1950s or 1960s posters of cheerleaders there that seemed to confirm this.

There was an event taking place on the field with cheerleaders cheering, some athletes were probably there playing a sport, and people were in the crowd watching.

I only stayed briefly, and then I returned to the multipurpose building or buildings where my room / Amarna’s room was located.

I knew that Amarna was probably about to leave today, she probably already had her things packed and ready to go, but she went to shop and explore one more time.

Not only that, but I was hoping to find Amarna before she left.

I hoped that we could meet again in the future and that maybe I could travel with her sometimes since she likes to travel, and I have not traveled to many places.

Or at the very least, I hoped that we could stay in contact, but I had not given her my contact information yet.

As I was walking around shopping and exploring, I happened to see Amarna speaking in Spanish to another woman who also spoke Spanish.

I assumed that the woman was possibly Amarna’s friend or someone she knew, and I greeted them as they walked around speaking Spanish.

I started talking in English to Amarna trying to keep up with her as she continued walking, she confirmed that she was about to leave very soon today.

Likewise, I started telling her about how I wished that we had more time, how I was still not sure how we kept getting separated, and she probably did not know either.

I was not sure if Amarna was interested in staying in contact with me or with me traveling with her in the future or not.

I was trying to gauge this as I talked with her while trying to keep up, before I attempt to share my contact information with her.

Furthermore, I wanted to travel with Amarna to wherever she was about to travel to, but even if she invited me I could not because maybe I had to stay for college or something like that.

I would be free to travel once the semester was over or during the holidays et cetera, maybe I was going to tell Amarna this, or I told her this.

Then perhaps I was going to share my contact information with her if I felt that she would want to stay in contact with me.

I thought about what might happen if I failed to do this.

After thinking about that, I felt that I better say something now and share my contact information with Amarna now before it was too late, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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