Buying Food And My Grandmother DE Is Alive Again

The end of this dream took place during the day, I remember being outside standing in the street outside my parents yard, and my mom and some of my brothers were in my parents yard; and our neighbors Mrs. CG, her son JW, and maybe two of Mrs. CG’s grandchildren were playing outside in their yard.

There was a small fictional food stand next to Mr. J’s (Gas Money’s) House on the right side, I noticed that it was open to my surprise, maybe the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was still going on; but I am not sure.

I decided that I would buy some food from the food stand for my family and for our neighbors who were outside, and so I walked over to Mrs. CG to let her know.

Mrs. CG thanked me while she found out what food her family wanted, I told my mom to find out what food our family wanted, and after they told me I bought the food at the food stand for everyone; I am not sure what the food was, but I do know that they were plate lunches in foam containers.

The next thing that I remember is being at The E House, some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were there like my deceased grandmother DE (during the dream I did not remember that she was supposed to be dead) and some of my aunts and uncles, and my brother GC was there.

My grandmother DE looked older and more frail than she did in real life before she died years ago, as usual in my dreams with her in them it was good to see her again (even though in the dream I had no memory of her ever dying), she is still the greatest person that I have ever met in my life so far.

I can not remember what happened other than at some point in the dream something that I can not remember happened to my clothes where I had to go change or adjust them or something like that, and so I went to the bathroom on the hallway on the left side to do that.

While I was in the bathroom I heard someone telling my grandmother DE to let someone else do that, my grandmother DE had dropped something under the couch or sofa by the stairs, and she was on her knees trying to look under it to find whatever she had dropped under there.

I left the bathroom so that I could help my grandmother DE because I did not want her to hurt herself, and so I got on my knees and I got on the ground to look under the couch / sofa.

I could not see or reach certain areas even as I lifted the couch / sofa a little with one arm while using the other arm to feel around for any objects, and I was not sure what I was looking for; and I remember asking my grandmother DE to describe the object that she dropped.

My brother GC entered the room, and I asked him to look under the couch / sofa while I hold it in the air; but I woke up as we did this.

I possibly woke up with the song Shameika by Fiona Apple on my mind, that was the last song that I listened to before going to sleep, and so maybe that is why.

The end,

-John Jr

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